Let Spring Break Commence!

To commemorate the start of my Spring Break, I flew from Frankfurt to Sunny Cancun. If y’all didn’t know Cancun is the place to be for college students, young couples, and millennials on Spring Break.

Airline: Lufthansa
Aircraft: 747-400
Flight Number: Lufthansa 514 Heavy
Server: Training
Flight Time: 11 hours, 34 minutes
Route: My route took me on a 25C departure out of EDDF. We went South towards Spain and then on to do a flyover of Lisbon. A sharp turn West and we are going over ocean for the next 10 hours. Land ahoy… We fly over Cuba where we then have 400 miles of water left. We start descent and approach to 30L at MMUN. Stunning scenery of bright blue water, lush rainforests, and the bright morning sun of Mexico. Buttered the landing and taxi to gate. Great Flight!


very cool…

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Indeed. I couldn’t figure out to make a poll. Wanted to see which one people liked the best.

it’s very easy for me, I choose the number 6, that’s what I liked the most, and you can edit your post so we can vote

Nice captures! Number 6 is my fav - the Queen is looking good 🙂

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