Let’s (try) to fill Vienna | myAustrian Virtual @ LOWW - 211500ZAPR18

Vienna Airport and myAustrian Virtual Airlines present: “Let’s try to fill Vienna”



Server: Expert

Region: Eastern Austria

Airport: LOWW (Vienna)

Time: 1500Z


GA West

GA West 60:
GA West 70:
GA West 81:
GA West 82:
GA West 84:
GA West 85:

GA East

GA East 40:
GA East 50:
GA East 60:
GA East Hangar 3A:
GA East Hangar 3B:
GA East Hangar 4:

Technical Bases

Technical Base 1:
Technical Base 2:
Technical Base 3:


Cargo/Stand A91:
Cargo/Stand A92:
Cargo/Stand A93:
Cargo/Stand A94:
Cargo/Stand A95:
Cargo/Stand A96:

Terminal B

Stand B51:
Stand B52:
Stand B53:
Stand B54:
Stand B55:
Stand B56:
Stand B57:
Stand B58:
Stand B59:
Stand B60:
Stand B61:
Stand B62:
Stand B63:
Stand B64:
Stand B65:
Stand B66:
Stand B67:
Stand B68:
Stand B69:
Stand B70:
Stand B71:
Stand B72:
Stand B73:
Stand B74:
Stand B75:
Stand B76:
Stand B77:
Stand B78:
Stand B79:
Stand B80:
Stand B81:
Stand B82:
Stand B83:
Stand B84:
Stand B85:
Stand B86:
Stand B87:
Stand B88:
Stand B89:
Stand B90:
Stand B91:
Stand B92:
Stand B93:
Stand B94:
Stand B95:
Stand B96:

Terminal C

Gate C31: @DeltaFlyer99 (A320)
Gate C32:
Gate C33:
Gate C34:
Gate C35:
Gate C36:
Gate C36:
Gate C37:
Gate C38:
Gate C39:
Gate C40:
Gate C41:
Gate C42:

Terminal D

Gate D21: @LordDanz (B739)
Gate D22: @Niklas3
Gate D23:
Gate D24:
Gate D25:
Gate D26:
Gate D27:
Gate D28:
Gate D29:

Terminal E

Stand E41:
Stand E42:
Stand E43:
Stand E44:
Stand E45:
Stand E46:
Stand E47:

Terminal F

Gate F01:
Gate F03:
Gate F04:
Gate F05:
Gate F06:
Gate F07:
Gate F08:
Gate F09:
Gate F10:
Gate F11:
Gate F12:
Gate F13:
Gate F14:
Gate F15:
Gate F16:
Gate F17:
Gate F18:
Gate F19:
Gate F20:
Gate F21:
Gate F22:
Gate F23:
Gate F24:
Gate F25:
Gate F26:
Gate F27:
Gate F28:
Gate F29:
Gate F30:
Gate F31:
Gate F32:
Gate F33:
Gate F34:
Gate F35:
Gate F36:

Terminal H

Stand H41:
Stand H42:
Stand H43:
Stand H44:
Stand H45:
Stand H46:
Stand H47:
Stand H48:
Stand H49:
Stand H50:

Terminal K

Stand K41:
Stand K42:
Stand K43:
Stand K44:
Stand K45:
Stand K46:
Stand K47:
Stand K48:
Stand K49:
Stand K50:
Stand K51:

ATTENTION! I have left out the De-Icing pads as they are not actual gates!


Airlines operating Vienna
Flights from Vienna

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Id definitely do it. Once ive finished my flight which will be atleast another hour…

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Was about to add it! Sneaky-you 😂

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Can you add this to the Calendar?

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Sure, I will do that now:-)

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Could you please specify the gate you wish to spawn in?

Sign me up please.
I’ll take gate C31, i’ll most likely be in a A320.

Could you please specify the gate you wish to spawn in?

I have signed you up! Thanks for coming

Please sign me up for gate d22

Done! Thanks for coming

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