Let’s try and fill KONT! @ KONT - 060300ZMAY18 [CANCELLED]

Oh thank god, since I am a noob at Zulu time 😗


Alaska 2-06
Alaska 737-800

Ahhh I would definitely come but that’s 3 in the morning for me I’m gmt/bst

Same here, definitely not waking up at 5 when i’m on Holiday.

yep agreed :)especially on holiday

I’ve added you to the list!

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Thanks Mate!
Appreciate it very much!

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If you don’t notice this already your title states that this is be at around 11/12 hours from now

It’s April 5th today

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Thanks for spotting that was meant for May 6th

Gates are still open!

Attention all attendees

A date change has occurred let me know if you can no longer come

Phew! Thankfully I can definetly still come. In fact, I was about to say I couldn’t come

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where can i check the zulu time?

If your wondering about Zulu it is 0300Z April 6th

ik but i dont know when its 0300Z

O300Z= 3:00am Zulu time

oh ok cant i just from the web?

wait yes i can its 4:27am… WAIT

If you don’t mind me asking, what are you talking about? This isn’t for another month

you just said, If your wondering about Zulu it is 0300Z April 6th, go check