Let’s try and fill KONT! @ KONT - 060300ZMAY18 [CANCELLED]

Server: Expert

Region: *Southern California

Airport: KONT

Time: 0300Z May 6th

**NOTAM: Join Tailwinds Flying club to fill Ontario international airport in SoCal! Ontario airport is now becoming a global hub with China Airlines offering daily service to Taipei. So what are you waiting for? Join now! Be sure when requesting a gate to list the aircraft you’ll take

Passenger Gates:

Gates (T2):
AeroMexico 2-01:
AeroMexico 2-02:
Volaris 2-03:
Alaska 2-04: @Daniel14 (Alaska 737-900)
Alaska 2-05: @MrAlaska (Alaska A320)
Alaska 2-06: @Naterrizer (Alaska 737-800)
Delta 2-07:
Delta 2-08:
Delta 2-09:
United 2-10: @GolferRyan (UA A320)
United 2-11:
United 2-12:

Gates (T3):

China Airlines 3-02: @DeltaFlyer99 (777)

SWA 3-04:
SWA 3-05:

China Airlines3-07: @Aviator_Airbus (777)

SWA 3-09

Gates (T4):
SWA 4-01: @airbavaria (SWA 737-800)
SWA 4-02:
SWA 4-03:
SWA 4-04:
SWA 4-05:
SWA 4-06:
SWA 4-07:
SWA 4-08:
SWA 4-09:
AA 4-10: @Rocky_Black (AA 737-800)
AA 4-11:
AA 4-12:
AA 4-13:
AA 4-14

Cargo Gates:


UPS 1:
UPS 2:
UPS 3:

FedEx 1: @Oli_H (MD11)
FedEx 2:
FedEx 3:
FedEx 4:


Airline Destinations:

SWA: Chicago, Phoenix, Oakland, San Jose, Portland, Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas, and Sacramento

AA: Phoenix, Seattle, Dallas

China Airlines: Taipei

United: Denver, San Francisco

Delta: Salt Lake City

Alaska: Seattle, Portland

AeroMexico: Mexico City, CanCun, Guadalajara

Volaris: Guadalajara

UPS: Honolulu, Louisville, Reno, Chicago, Anchorage

FEDEX: Memphis, Indianapolis, Fort Worth


UA flight to Denver please. I may be able to make it. Any gate is fine


And what aircraft shall you be taking?

Gate 2-05 Please, Alaska A320.

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You’ve been added to the list!

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SWA 163 to Sacramento please with a 738

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Added you to the list see ya then!

FedEx-1 with an MD-11, Looks great!

Sign me up for the China Airlines flight to Taipei! I’ll be in a 777.

Umm gate 4-10 plz for aa

Please tell me what aircraft you’ll be bringing

Oh sorry Boeing 787-9

That aircraft is too big for that gate

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Ok 737-800 then please

That will be Airbus A320

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I’ll take a China Airlines Gate! I’ll be in a 747-400

Unfortunately, due to realism only the 777 will be accepted is that ok @Aviator_Airbus?

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Sure, that’s fine, still will be fun!

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That moment when you realize you have to many violations to access expert. 😕

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It’s a month from now you can get there by then

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