Let’s talk about how STUPID grade 3 gets some times

I’m only 13 so like yeah

So rn I was flying from TPA to MIA and they weren’t allowing approaches into MIA but obv they were letting other people so I was circling the airport like for 10 mins

Hey. I love infinite flight. But sometimes grade 3 gets on my nerves I’m prob gonna try another flight later but none the les I’m not mad anymore but it does make me weird how they let other people in and not me oh also They violated me

I would like a reason from someone Ty

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Speaking to the information that you have provided it sounds like MIA was busy as it probably will be the next few days as people check it out. The people landing probably are the people who have been waiting the longest to land.

It does not have anything to do with your grade in my opinion. You are able to contact the controller who was doing MIA ATC at the time here on this form if you would like to ask them directly about what was going on.

Yes you are correct there was IFATC goign on so that might be why thank you so much

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The most likely scenario is that those people allowed to land were already put into a holding pattern before arrivals into KMIA were prohibited, so you then coming and joining a holding pattern after already having read that KMIA was not accepting any arrivals at the time justifies the violation as you disregarded ATC instructions. Obviously without seeing the replay no one can know for sure but this is the most likely scenario.

Ok I see thanks sm

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Were you asking Center frequency for an approach?

I controlled Miami multiple times today, all local frequencies (Ground, Tower, and ATIS), though at different times.
It was very busy - at one point, we had over 180 inbounds. At another, we had to split tower into north and south, and approach was pretty much always like that.
That being said, when an airport is that busy, we usually don’t allow inbounds that flew from airports within I think 100 or 200 NM (“local” flyers), so that the airport isn’t as crowded for pilots who flew longer flights and would be a lot more inconvenienced by having to divert. This also helps us: keep in mind that IFATC are people, and they can be overwhelmed and can be stressed under high workloads, just like you.
If you were allowed to land, it is possible that approach or center was just waiting for an opportunity to fit you in, as it was very busy. This is a common occurrence in real life, and is not just an infinite flight thing.


Ya I did I contacted them

Yes I knew that IFATC was active so o figured out why they didn’t let people in

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What did center tell you after you requested ?

Please state exact command*

If you believe that the violation was unfair, you can contact an appeals member and your controller, and they will explain it and/or repeal it if it was unfair.


Instead of going back and forth here and some guess work, your best bet is to contact the controller at the time and this can be found from your replay of your flight. They will be more than happy to discuss and answer any questions you have.

If you’ve been reported, you can contact @appeals with your replay and they will be happy to review.

Take care!

Im not sure if he meant literal violation, or if he meant like they violated him by not lstting him come in.

The same thing happened to me. I was arriving at KMIA from KATL and MIA Center had given me a heading and altitude, then switched me over to Approach a few minutes later. At the time, it was very busy and I tuned into Approach, checked-in and requested my approach, they approved it but gave me headings like 250 and took me almost all the way over to KTPA, they didn’t respond for a good 15 minutes so I just assumed they forgot about my incoming into KMIA but to make it reasonable, it was VERY busy as it had around 170 Arrivals this morning. It just happens!

So… like yeah