Let’s Revive the Group Flight Category!

I have noticed that most of the posts in the #live:groupflights category have zero reply’s. This can be very frustrating for the new members of the IFC. Many people join the IFC to meet other people to fly with I know that’s why I joined. At TL1 you cannot create events so most new members create group flights just to have no one join them. I think the #live:groupflights category is a great part of the IFC but it is overlooked and ignored. I think we should start to use the category more often, when I go on there I always see the same few people replying. So I ask when was the last time you were in a group flight? And why is it so overlooked?


I JUST cancelled my groupflight - I have been waiting for 3 hours and no one joined.


Exactly what I mean it’s very hard to get people to join.


When I first reached member I made a few group flights and no one joined but then I made a event that departed in an hour and a few people joined with in a few minutes.

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I tend to not partake in, or look at, the #live:groupflights category, as I just do not commonly have time to fly with others. I like to fly on my own accord and sometimes departure times just do not align with my schedule, or maybe the flight/destination isn’t something that interests me.

It’s entirely possible other’s feel the same as I do, but I could be completely wrong, just my take on why my personal attendance is little to none when it comes to groupflights.


@ShaneAviation That makes sense and I am the same way but sometimes I get free time and want to fly but I don’t think everyone on the IFC schedules flights I enjoy a spontaneous flight every once in a while.

I concur with @Shane. Three hours is often not enough warning, especially since many forum members have private groups for these types of spontaneous flights. Another thing to consider is how little time many users put into making group flight topics. You’ve got event topics where members may plan ahead of time and organize by gate and time. Then you’ve got group flight topics, where the titles and content often disagree with the forum rules. After that, users will mini-mod the topic instead of either PMing the host or simply letting a Moderator/Regular handle it. This negatively sets the tone for the thread and probably discourages users from joining or even considering opening a group flight thread in the future.

A few temporary solutions:

  • Put time into group flight threads so that they’re appealing and hook users
  • Choose routes that will be popular but diverse at the same time
  • Less mini-modding of this category would help set a more positive tone


To me the #live:groupflights category is a bit useless. I mean 95% of all flights don’t have anyone joining.

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Yeah the 3 hour limit doesn’t really do the category a favor, but it can’t be helped. If you’re not flying a route between two IFATC staffed airports, or popular routes (Like EGLL-KLAX) on training, chances of getting a sign up are really low.

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I agree with you but I know for me at least many people plan there flights around the ifatc and many group flights are from the hubs so I prefer to fly with others rather than by myself.

I tried to make a topic asking about the three-hour rule and why it existed, but no one really gave me the response I was looking for except that there is a group flight for the quick one and an events category for the one that is going to take more time.

Ditto to you and what you said in the main post!

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What I’m trying to do is shine some light on the topic so we can get more people joining hopefully!

Maybe they should change it to around 5 or more hours

five hours sounds like a good rule to me

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The grich is in town

I have seen some great group flights that could easily be mistaken for events and they do get my attention if more do this it will definitely help encourage others to do so!

If it’s too long you get people who may forget about it. #live:groupflights spirit was to give users a way to say “Hey, come fly with me”. I think some are trying to turn it into am event without being an event.

  • focus on the quality and destination. Is it unique and inviting or is it something you see a lot of.
  • Some days are better than other. Think of school, timezones, other large events that may limit traffic

The Grinch had something good to say that I agree with! @Chris_S

You are totally right but it could be a system just like events but on a shorter time frame to help people remember possibly that’s my idea at least.

Well I would also like to say that I have done three group flights and the total amount of people has only been three, three!

Only TWO have landed!