Let’s remove the ability to vote for your own feature request.

Ever since votes were added to this community it has been expected that you vote for a request that you made. However is this really necessary? It should be pretty clear that someone requested a feature because they want it. Therefore we should not need to vote for our own request and instead use them on other people’s ideas. So I suggest we remove the ability to vote for your own request to stop people from adding to their own vote count even though they clearly want it anyway. This would also encourage more community interaction instead of people being selfish with their votes.


I don’t know if this is possible, as the forum is hosted by Discourse. I don’t think the mods will have the ability to do this. Also, it’s only one vote extra so I don’t think it’s Hugely necessary. I don’t know that’s just my opinion. :)


I guess having to vote for your own request as a requirement will stop people from spamming the forum with requests, and as you mentioned, show that people would actually like their request added. There is a limited amount of votes so we can only choose what we would really want added.


At the end of the day, IF staff check the vote numbers so I think it’s good to vote for your own request.


Removing it doesn’t solve anything. Some people like to vote for their own topic. I don’t see it as a bad thing to be encouraged to vote for what you wanted to see in IF. Frankly, I like it, because it encourages others.

There is no being selfish, people can vote for what they want. It’s a liberty. The whole reason #features is even a category is so people can properly represent their ideas to better Infinite Flight.


There could also just have an unwritten rule where it’s ok to not vote for your own feature request. 🤷‍♂️


Yeah that should be the case. But i’ve been told off for not voting for my own request.

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I liked the proposal. I just think the Trio idea is more appropriate in this case. Moderation creates a rule that states that there is no need to vote on your own appeal and that’s it.

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What’s the point in creating a request if you can’t vote for it. If you’re creating it, you want it in the app, so you should be able to vote for it!

It will stay as it is for now (: