Let’s RECREATE a Live airport (POLL If you're attending)…ATC…NEEDED…


Lets recreate a live airport in Infinite Flight all day!

Server: Trainning

Date: September 8

Time: ALL DAY!!


    1. EGLL
    1. KCLT
    1. KTPA
    1. KATL

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Leave comments on what time

What we are going to do:
So you will go to Flightradar24 and look at all the departing air planes and incoming airplanes and you are going to recreate them and the airport is going to be active the whole day on the decided day

After all people vote I will make the event

So we need a day of ATC for which ever airport you all choose In the poll

So I was thinking we will need Tower Ground Approach or Departure so we need 4 people (or 2 people) per shift I will be able to work double just in case

Please sign up and say what you can control

First Shift:
Ground: @BadPlane
Tower: @American_1549
Approach: @KennedyTurner
Departure: @Ryan_1872

Second Shift:
Ground: @Gil_S
Tower: @CameronH21
Approach: @Alejandro_Castaneda
Departure: @BadPlane
(Backup Approach): @Ur_Friendly_Approach

Third Shift:
Ground: @Tomjuul1996
Tower: @Abudy
Approach: @Ryan_1872


Lets re-act the worlds busiest airport KATL


Isn’t this basically just an event?


I Will also try and have Approach and Departure

I will be tower and I will have some one be ground

Well it might be be poll for a future event

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It is but I want community input

Sorry im not good at acting.


Lol fix it if you want

This is a very cool idea!


Thx @Trio much appreciated

Don’t forget to comment on the date and time

So the thinking is that you’d go on flightaware and pick out a block where aircraft are flying, then try to mirror all of their flights?

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Yes and I will be the ATC in the thread people will have a link for either Flightradar24 and flight aware

I’d suggest doing it on casual so we can all just listen on liveatc.net, and not interfere with training server controllers/traffic. Use the IRL ATC.

20:00Z is what I’d suggest for a time.

An annoyingly good idea. I like this idea a lot actually - the idea of covering a bit of America with actual live traffic… Ahhh

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I’m not going to do casual and not going to use liveATC.net because if people don’t go the same speed and same Altitude Ect I just would rather people control it

I understand your concern, however flying into, say, LAX will solve the speed problem as the vast majority of the SIDs and STARs have speed limitations on them.
Just a thought!

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It will be hard to be ATC for EGLL but I will make it happen even if I have to start very early In the morning

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@Trio I really like your idea but you know if one thing gets messed up it messes up the whole system up you know people. Also they would have the same flight plan in order to Coincide with live ATC. I wish I could work like that

Cool idea, but I think that’s too ambitious. Would be pretty hard to do with the details you’ve provided.

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