Let’s just ignore the box in the top left corner please!

Haven’t posted a picture in a bit, so here you go !

Airline & Aircraft: Alaska - Boeing 737-900
Route: Los Angeles, CA (KLAX) - Portland, OR (KPDX)
Server: Expert


Looks amazing, what app do you use to edit?

Interesting - in my opinion its a little over edited.


I disagree I think it looks awesome!

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Sometimes overediting can make things look really cool! And I certainly think this picture is quite amazing.

Looking at it from my computer now it looks awful. On my IPad it looked great, time to delete and redo it lol

Honestly, I don’t think over editing is a thing. If the user likes it, I consider it just a unique style.

(Btw I’m not trying to argue :)


Looked good on my ipad but now that i see it here… eh not too much. Gonna redo it though!

I find it fine. There’s not any feature outside of IF here, so it should be okay.

Killer shot @IF.Kaden :)


what did you use to edit?

Snapseed, PS Express & LD

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No but it definitely is :)

@IF.Kaden especially in low light situations trying to edit it perfectly is difficult… I would also say this is slightly over edited but I can imagine what the OG pic is like so it’s not bad at all!

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Just made a new one on my PC it looks a lot better in my opinion. I’ll be posting it here soon! Thank you though : )


As requested