Let’s HOP! To France

Here I came back to expert with gatwick and Montreal busy (gatwick had almost a slow day after hours being busy) so I did try out the CRJ-1000 which looks like the regional version of the pencil IDK

Flight Time: 1:22
Aircraft: Bombardier CRJ-1000 (HOP!)
Server: Expert

Taken off with a A319 off the runway

Leaving the UK

Passing by Paris (I think because of LFPG)

Chilling over FL340

Mountain Distance

Began my descend into Lyon

Going Inbound

On final with a moonshot

Grease because why should I say butter

A sunset that would end the day (sorry if it hurts you eyes)

What’s your thoughts Anyway Should I keep the text because IDK I can really just go with the editing without text so Here

  • Keep the Text
  • Nah don’t keep the text

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Really nice shots mate! I really like this one:


triggered at HOP! in Gatwick

Great shots nonetheless!


Oof well it doesn’t go to All London airports anyway since I checked

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Great photos!
This is my favourite:

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Whoa, this is what I call a good angle of pictures.
He is also magically changing colors while flying people.

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@Captain_Awerty Cool hope you like the moonshot during final
@Zach_inkling of course editing just did that


oh yea the first shot didnt got the nose of the crj-1000