Let’s Help People, The Proper Way.

Hello IFC,
I’ve seen a lot of posts that don’t address the question that a topic is asking, point out the flaws, or address the question incorrectly. We can change that! Here’s how:

  • Have a positive attitude.

This will help the person a lot. You don’t want to be greeted with shame by others or shouted at for asking a question, do you? You will be much happier with someone having a positive or no attitude than a negative one. So, be happy and everything will be Ok :)

  • Ask yourself, “What is the purpose of this topic?” and think about it.

If you jump to a conclusion seconds after reading a post, then you might have missed the point. It’s OK, just think about it. This will help you come up with a better answer, and the thread is more likely to stay on topic. Say, someone is complaining about violations. Most people respond with “go fly on casual”, “it’s your fault” or “nothing I can do about it”. The person was never helped, and he’s sitting there watching people complaining about his topic. A good response would be to remind him of the violations rules, help him understand why he/she got them, and how to avoid violations. You just made him a lot happier :)

  • Don’t clutter the thread.
  • Don’t criticize anything that doesn’t have much to do with the topic in the topic. Send that user a PM, or flag the post.

  • Stay on topic. This allows users to address the question, and declutters the thread.

  • Never use offensive language, or say that you want to. This isn’t productive and is unnecessary. It may also spark a lot of off topic posts. The creator of the topic won’t be happy either. Use positive language and you are good :)

  • Just follow the rules.
    This leads to a much more productive discussion.

Check this topic out, as it covers some points I didn’t address here:

I hope this helped and thanks for reading.


Great topic. Just what we need. A little reminder! Thanks


Great post!

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