Let’s Get Supplies to the Big Apple!

Hey guys, it’s time for another screenshot thread, and this one is special! These photos are from @Populeux_Music’s fantastic event that he hosted on March 29th. The theme of the event was carrying medical supplies to New York City with FedEx, and as I’m someone from New York City, how could I say no to joining an event like that? With everything going on in the world right now, people need supplies, and I hope that everyone reading this is staying safe and healthy!

Route and flight info:

Departure airport: Memphis (KMEM)

Arrival Airport: Newark (KEWR)

Flight time: About 1 hour & 40 minutes

Aircraft: MD-11, FedEx

Callsign: FX721 Heavy

Server: Expert

Now, for the pictures…

The sun sets in Memphis…However, the ramp workers are busy loading these FedEx planes with the medical supplies!

All loaded up, let’s get going!

Turning away from FedEx’s Memphis “SuperHub”

A nighttime arrival into Newark

Some other landings! Here’s @Pajd02’s

And the event host himself, @Populeux_Music!

Finally, all the supplies has arrived in New York! (I switched the time to sunset to get better lighting of all the aircraft). It’s time to unload and get these supplies to the people that need it most!

Thanks for checking out these pictures! Of course, there’s some people I want to thank. First, @Populeux_Music for hosting this amazing event! It was a ton of fun! I’d also like to thank @Omar_Alqinneh who handled Ground and Tower ATC for us in Memphis, as well as @Kevinsoto1502 who did Ground/Tower in Newark! Finally, I want to thank everyone who I did this flight with and who participated in the event in some capacity: @Zach_Mayer, @RileyBozina, @Pajd02, @Populeux_Music, @reer104, @Potato-Internet, @cptlogue, and @itzKeineer. I’m sure many of them have their own photos, so keep an eye out for theirs! Thanks again, and see you in the Infinite Flight skies!

Looked pretty fun!

Great shots!

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Amazing pics @NYFLFlyer22 thanks for the shoutout we had fun!

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Nice pics!

Good you enjoyed the event! It looked fun. I think I caught one of your attendees at Chicago a short time ago :)


Happy to be apart of this journey🙂

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Please say you are doing another one soon because I want to join!

Yup, I see you signed up for the next one! Thank you!

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Nice photos!

missed an amazing event no worries coming for the next.

Please join the next one:

Sorry to early for me,but enjoy your flight

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No worries!

Some of us on the ground in MEM


Can’t wait to take part in the event in Vancouver!