Let’s Fly Trans-Pacific with Korean Air! @ RKSI - 040600ZJAN18

Server: Expert

Airport: RKSI-KSFO

Time: 0600Z

Flight Plan Coming soon

Event Trailer

101: @Daniel14
102: @DiamondGaming4
103: @jdag2004
104: @JackH
105: @Richard_Wei
106: @Oli_H
107: @Jmacd20

Follow all ATC directions and have fun but be respectful to others as we fly to Korea 🇰🇷!

Event Hosted by Tailwinds Flying Club

Who We Are
We are a group of flying enthusiasts who understand the everyday struggle of life with work, school, and other things.


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What time is this in Pacific time?

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10pm pacific time on the 3rd

Ohh, that’s too late for me.

I’ll take a gate 😂👌

I got you a gate! Check above.

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Maybe google for a converter in the future to not clog up the thread. :)

Also, I’d like to come! Just so that I’m clear on this, we can fly anywhere we want with Korean?

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Were flying to KSFO from RKSI

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Oh Perfect! Count me in.

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Put you down on the list! check above for your gate!

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Totally fine maybe next time

I can’t come, first it’s on a Thursday so I have school and second, it starts at 1 AM

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Can I have a gate please.

Sign me up! Ill love it

I’ll take a gate thank you very much

@Goran12, @Richard_Wei, and @Oli_H you all have gates!


2 gates are left! Who will take them!

i will take a gate plz

Signed you up! See ya then!

What a aircraft are you coming in I’m coming in a 747