Let’s fly to Seoul EPWA - RKSI @ EPWA - 060800ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: Poland

Airport: EPWA-RKSI

Time: 0600

NOTAM: ONLY come in a LOT 787-8

FPL coming soon.

Important take off speed 250 then M0.86 FL360 VS200

Event trailer

The gates

Gate 18
Gate 16
Gate 15R
Gate 14R @AJH_1994 maybe.
Gate 13R @Goran12
Gate 12
Gate 10R

more gates will NOT be added

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How long is the flight @Goran12 ?

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About 8hrs 50min…

Where the heck is Soeul?


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South Korea in Asia…

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I know, hence why i put “Soeul.” He made a spelling error, and I wanted to correct him lol, I know where Seoul is lol, I went there in July.


So is anyone joining?

Do you want to join?

cant, busy on saturday

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Not trying to be rude, but can you please slow down on the amount of events you’re making?


Sorrry I do them to impomy skills and see others peoples skills.

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