Let’s fly to Mexico! @ KSFO - 131800ZMAR20

Hey everyone, sorry for the short notice, but I would like to invite pilots on the community to join me on a flight from San Francisco to Cancun! It’s a beautiful flight down to Mexico, and I hope to see you all there!

United Airlines B737-800/900



Expert Server

Cruising altitude: 35000 feet

Cruising speed: Mach 0.85

Flight time: 5hrs

Please stay professional at all times, and if there isn’t ATC, please use Unicom respectfully. Thank you!

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Mach 0.85 for a 737 is too fast. The normal cruising speed for the 737/A320 family is 0.78-0.8.

Oh ok. Do you want to join?

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Sorry, I’m at school, so I’ll have to pass.

Next time!

It’s ok. See you next time!

Attention all pilots, due to complications, the flight is leaving now. Feel free to join any time you want, but keep in mind that I will already be cruising.

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