Let’s fly to Madeira! 131730ZMAR20

Hey everyone! I wanted to do one of the flights close to my heart in IF, and wanted you all to join me! Please spawn at EGKK 10 minutes before scheduled departure time, and fill in the proper flight plan. Good luck, and I wish you all Buttery landings!

British Airways A320 or TAP Air Portugal A320



Expert Server

Cruising altitude: 32000 Feet

Cruising speed: Mach 0.85

Flight time: 3hr 45mins

Please stay professional at all times, and if there is no ATC, please use Unicom correctly. Please make a correct pattern into Madeira, as it would greatly increase realism. Thank you!

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Why do you have another flight within half an hour

I created this flight, and gave everyone a 2 hour notice. Nobody was responding, so I did another flight on my own.

I apologize for not understanding when the flight is and I could leave a closer alternative thanks

Its ok. I am going to post another flight on sunday, I hope you can make it.

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