Let’s fly from the Caribbean to Newark

  • Aircraft and Livery: 737-900 United

  • Route: TNCM (St. Maarten) - KEWR (Newark)

  • Time and date of departure: 12:00 PST 3:00 EST

  • Information: Since there is only 9 gates including 4 remote stands if you don’t mind waiting for a gate to open that would be great. Please join around 11:40-11:50 so we can start. There will be a update on this every day just in case of any changes. To get in comment below.

Hello! Please post this in the correct category of #live:groupflights, 12:00PST has already passed btw :)

Have an awesome flight!

I’d also recommend changing your title to the correct format.

Sorry I didn’t see that

Feel free to remake in the correct format and category.