Let’s Fly From Sweden! @ ESSA - 061800ZJAN18 (FINISHED)

Server: Casual

Region: Near Ginger Santa

Airport: ESSA

Time: 1800Z

Event Trailer:

SAS Gates (SAS A320)
F38: @Daniel14
F36R: @Nicolas_Betancourt
F34: @JackH
F32L: @schyllberg
F30: @DiamondGaming4
F28R: @Ishan_S
F28L: @Oli_H
F29R: @GolferRyan
F35: @Aviator_Airbus
F37: @Goran12
F39L: @EpicLegend29

BA Gates (BA 767)
F44: @ilan_Dridi
F42: @TheCuriousPilot644
F148: @Goran12
F146: @AJH_1994

*If in TFC use your assigned callsign

More Gates will be added if needed

Be respectful of others and have fun as we fly from Sweden to England!

Event Hosted By Tailwinds Flying Club

Who We Are
We are a group of enthusiastic people who understand the modern day constraints of school and work.

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whoo another event!What day will it be I can’t read zulu time.

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5 hours ahead of your timezone.

what day willhis event ne though?

January 6th.

061800ZJAN18 = 6th of January, 6pm Zulu time, 2018

6pm pacific?Im easern BTW

No 6pm in London 10am pacific time

oh so I guess 11 pm eastern.Great can I have a gate?

If 1800 is 5 hours ahead of your timezone, then it will be 1300 in your timezone, which is 1pm…

Oh sry Im a noob so i guess 1 pm timezone?Sry for the inconvieneous.

1PM Eastern Standard Time

Yes that is correct.

Ok great!Thx for your help.Can i have a gate?

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I already got you one

Oops didn’t see that…

Can I have a gate…

I’m in TFC but I don’t have a calling sign.

Could I have a gate please

Check the slack announcements