Let’s Fill Up Sydney Airport @YSSY 190100ZAPR20

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  • Aircraft and Livery: Qantas, Jetstar, United Airlines, American Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Air New Zealand, JAL

  • Route: Qantas to Gold Coast 737,800 gate 2-43, ANA to Tokyo Haneda 787,10 Gate 1-51 , Japan Airlines to Tokyo Narita Airbus A350 Gate 1-57, United Airlines to LA 787,10 Gate 1-35,American Airlines to San Francisco Boeing 777,300ER Gate 1-37, Air New Zealand Boeing 787,9 To Auckland Gate 1-36

  • Time of Departure: 2020-04-18T14:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert Server

Starts in 8 days Choose any gate to anywhere if you want


Please follow the correct setup for this event

Here are the noticeable things you need to change

  • Your event is in more than 3 hours, please move this to the #live:events topic.
  • Please provide the time in ZULU (in this case 0100)
  • here is the correct title : Let’s fill up Sydney airport - @YSSY 190100ZAPR20

For formatting help and anything extra, please look at this thread

Some things to help your event

  • Maybe try to add some information about the airport and it’s history
  • maybe check this thread out

This includes some great information on how some threads are made and formatted.

Hopefully these can help you :)

Yup I’ve finished editing

Please check what category it is in. This event is in group flights still.
Also, it is 0100Z which is a bit easier to read and you can add a time stamp on it which means everyone around the world can get the time specified. It should show up automatically in your Timezone like this 2020-04-19T01:00:00Z

How do I do that

Yup I’m done can u recommend tthis to some people

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