Let’s fill up St. Louis @KSTL The St. Louis flyout - 071600ZMAR20

St. Louis Lambert International Airport flyout - Former Hub of TWA
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Airport: St. Louis Lambert International Airport (KSTL)


Image of St. Louis Lambert International airport

Image of St. Louis Lambert International airport


All international flights take place out of concourse’s A, B, D, and E

Terminal 1
Concourse A

Gate |Plane |Airline |Destination |Pilot
A2 - B757 - Delta - Atlanta
A3 - A319 - Delta - Minneapolis
A4 - A321 - Delta - Salt Lake City
A6 - A321 - Delta - New York (La Guardia)
A8 - B717 - Delta - Detroit
A10 - CRJ7 - Delta - Cincinnati - @Tucker_Ryan
A14 - E170 - United - Chicago-O’Hare - @United2
A16 - A320 - United - Denver
A17 - CRJ9 - Air Canada - Toronto
A18 - A320 - United - Houston
A19 - CRJ7 - United - Denver
A21 - E170 - United - Newark

Concourse B

Gate Plane Airline Destination Pilot
B02 - A321 - British Airways (Club World) - London-Heathrow - @KGJT-9149
B04 - CRJ9 - American - Dallas/Fort Worth
B14 - Private - Aero STL - Pilot Discretion
B16 - Private - Aero STL - Pilot Discretion

Concourse C

Gate |Plane |Airline |Destination |Pilot
C1 - C208 - Air Choice - Jackson (TN)
C3 - C208 - Air Choice - Fort Dodge
C5 - C208 - Cape Air - Marion
C7 - C208 - Cape Air - Owensboro
C6 - A321 - American - Charlotte
C8 - A320 - American - Dallas/Fort Worth
C10 - A321 - American - Miami - @unaccompaniedflyer
C12 - A321 - American - Los Angeles
C15 - B739 - Alaska - Seattle
C16 - CRJ2 - American - Philidelphia - @Udeme_Ekpo
C18 - CRJ2 - American - Washington-National
C19 - A321 - Frontier - Orlando
C23 - A320 - Frontier - Las Vegas
C24 - CRJ2 - American - New York (La Guardia) @Alex_Agamemnon
C28 - B738 - Sun County - Portland
C29 - Q400 - Contour - Fort Leonard Wood

Concourse D (3 remain)

Gates will be put up shortly

Gate |Plane |Airline |Destination |Pilot
D04 - A320 - WOW Air - Reykjavik (BIKF)
D06 - A321 - British Airways (Club Air) - London-Heathrow
D16 - CRJ7 - Contour - Indianapolis

Terminal 2
Concourse E

Gate Plane Airline Destination Pilot
E4 - B737 - Southwest - Chicago-Midway - @ATCEthan
E6 - B737 - Southwest - Atlanta
E8 - B738 - Southwest - Boston-Logan
E10 - B737 - Southwest - Dallas-Love
E12 - B738 - Southwest - Dallas-Love
E14 - B738 - Southwest - Austin
E16 - B737 - Southwest - Des Moines - @Vadim
E18 - B738 - Southwest - Fort Lauderdale - @Captain_Cobb
E20 - B738 - Southwest - Houston-Lobby
E22 - B738 - Southwest - San Diego
E24 - B738 - Southwest - Phoenix-Sky Harbor
E29 - A321 - Frontier - Cancun
E31 - B737 - Southwest - San Francisco
E33 - B738 - Southwest - Baltimore
E34 - B738 - Southwest - Punta Cana
E36 - B737 - Southwest - Panama City
E38 - B738 - Southwest - Oakland
E40 - B737 - Southwest - New Orleans

Concourse D (Full)

Gate |Plane |Airline |Destination |Pilot
D16 - B738 - Southwest - Raleigh-Durham - @Mr_yellow
D18 - B737 - Southwest - San Jose - @BigBert10
D20 - B738 - Southwest - Raleigh-Durham - @Mark_Eatman

Cargo (5 remaining)

Gate Plane Airline Destination Pilot
UPS01 - A332F UPS - Louisville
UPS02 - A332F - UPS - Boise
UPS03 - B763 - Amazon Air - Ontario - @Aviation_nerd
FedEx01 - B777F - FedEx - Memphis
FedEx02 - B777F - FedEx - Indianapolis
FedEx03 - B757 - DHL - Omaha

Private Terminal

|Pilot| |Destination ICAO| |Aircraft (Must be smaller then 737-700BBJ|

Note : There will be more routes then there are now at STL. The reason for this is I added all the new American and Southwest flights they are adding to St. Louis which are coming in March of 2020. This is also the reason we are using concourse D. (The British Airways flight does not operate at STL, but hopefully in the future)


Be respectful to all and be professional this is the Expert Server
Runways in use will be posted the day of the event
Please spawn 10-20 minutes before departure
Signups will be available until 10 minutes before the event

All are welcome, have a great day.


Runway 6/24 will be used as a taxiway. The main runways will be posted on the day of the event. This will be based on winds and some other factors.

If you are a VA let me know so I can add your callsign
Event is in 2 weeks

Also, the Wow Air route was operated in the A321 but since they dont have the livery in IF we will use the A320 one. Unless you want to use the Generic one of the A321

If you would like to see what the airport is doing here is an article you may want to check out.

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Hey mate, I just wanted to let you know that the event is at a bit of a tricky time with one flyout an hour before and one 2 hours after. Here they are:


Ok thanks for that I will move the event back a week. I was wondering whether mine was tricky.
And as of now the date has been pushed a week.


That would actually be very good timing if you moved it to 2020-02-22T16:00:00Z because then there would be at an event in Boston 2 hours later… and Boston is a 2-hour flight away.

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It’s fine more time for me to add gates and more time for people to sign up.


Anyways, It’s up to you. One last thing is that the tables for the gates are a bit off. Check out the following topic and go to the ‘table’ section to re-format it.


I’ll take concourse E at gate E18 to Fort Lauderdale!😀


Ok got it. Thanks for signing up.


@United2 I would like this one please.


You got it

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Gate E4 Please. Callsign name will be ATCEthan. I will let you know if i can’t make the event ASAP! Thank you for making this event possible through your hard work!


Got it thanks for attending


All of the international flight have been added. They are at concourse D gates 04, 06, and one will be added at a B gate along with more American connection flights.

Additional Cargo flights have been added

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I will take a gate to San Jose please


Ok got it thanks for attending

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There is a winter storm coming my way so I may not reply as I may periodically lose internet

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I’ll take C12 (Boeing 737-800) to Miami (KMIA).


Got it thanks for attending also welcome to the community


Can I have southwest airlines please to Raleigh Durham please

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