Let’s fill up London Heathrow @ EGLL-311200ZMAR20

Summary: London Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world and I want to do that in IF come join us for lots of fun.

Server: Expert

Airport : EGLL

Why London? London is one of the busiest airports with more that 200,000 passengers go to London Heathrow daily and in IF London Heathrow isn’t that full that’s why I made this event so we can fill it up

Time: 1200ZULU


Gates ———— plane ———— Destination ———— Pilot ————— Callsign


501 A320 British Airways EHAM
502 A321 British Airways EGCC
503 A320 Air France LFPG
505 B739 KLM EHAM
506 A320 Aer Lingus EIDW
507 B767 Delta KJFK
508 A318 British Airways EINN


532 A380 British Airways KLAX
533 A380 Emirates OMDB
534 A330 Delta KMCO
535 A340 Etihad OMAA
536 A350 Delta KATL
537 B747 British Airways KSFO
538 DC-10 British Airways WSSS
539 B789 Royal Jordanian OJAI
551 B789 Saudi Arabia OERK
552 B747 British Airways OMDB
553 B747 British Airways KDEN
554 A380 Etihad OMAA
555 B777 Delta KJFK
556 B747 British Airways KORD
557 A350 Delta KDTW
558 B777 Swiss Airways LSZH


590 B789 Air Canada CYYZ
591 B773 Aeroflot UUWW
592 A350 Singapore WSSS
594 B777 British Airways LMED
595 B777 Delta TNCM
596 B747 British Airways CYVR