Let’s Fill Anchorage (Sponsored by Plane & Pilot)@ PANC 151700ZJUN19



Calling all cargo pilots for an Alaska cargo airline fly out from one of the busiest cargo airports in the world

Server: Training

Airport: *PANC

Time: 2019-06-15T17:00:00Z

**NOTAM: Everyone be professional and use Unicom.
Gates are not assigned so just reply below with your gate, aircraft, and destination

B1- AS 738 to Nome
B2- AS 739 to Seattle
B3- AS 739 to Portland
B4- DL 739 to Minneapolis @Game_player
B5- AS 739 to Spokane
North Cargo Ramp
1- Generic MD 11 to Juneau @Spicejet
2- UPS MD 11to Seattle
3- KA 748 to Seoul
4- ABC 748 to Moscow
5- Boeing Cargo 748 to Paine Field
6- FedEx 77F to Memphis
7- UPS A332F to Louisville
8- Seattle Seahawks 748 to Seattle
9- UPS MD 11 to Honolulu
10- FedEx DC 10 to Portland
11- KA 77F to Seoul Gimpo
12- China So. 77F to Shanghai
13- FedEx MD 11 to Seattle
14- Southern Air 77F to Cincinnati
15- AT 744 to Tokyo @ouzi

20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20190509_204418 | 20190509_204510

Did you finish?

Yes I’m finished now sorry I accidentally posted before I was done

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I can take ATC if you want.

Oh that would be great thank you
I have another event if you would like to do ATC for that too, no one had volunteered to do it

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Hi can you please add me. For gates please give me any gate. I will use an MC Douglas cargo. And for airport please assign me the nearest international airport of about 15 minutes distance from PANC. I am telling this because I have to do study.

Also will there be ATC active during our flight?

Gate #: B04
Aircraft: B739
Destination: KMSP

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Uh, is there a gates and routes tab we can look at? That would be helpful.

I will be use Atlas Air B747-400 to Narita RJAA/NRT . North Ramp 15

There is now a gate list, you all are signed up, and there will be ATC provided by Plane and Pilot

Only Delta flight. r i p

It’s up to you if I can but can I do a remote stand (any one that fits a320) to GJT. I know this isnt a real flight but it’s a good one to do. I will either be flying the United a320 or Virgin America a320 if possible.

Why is this post still active? 😂

This was a group flight that occurred 10 days ago 😂. Make sure you check the date before trying to sign up.

I thought it said July 19. My bad

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Lol we all make mistakes.

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