Let L-410 Turbolet

The Let L-410 Turbolet is a small twin-engine turboprop aircraft. The aircraft has STOL capabilities (Short Take Off and Landing) and can land on gravel runways. This makes it possible to land on almost every runway in the world. It’s one of the three planes to fly to Lukla Airport, the others being the Twin-Otter and the Do 228. It’s one of the most versatile aircraft in the world, serving a wide variety of purposes.

The aircraft started production in the 1960s by Czech manufacturer Let Kunovice. In 2013 UGMK bought the rights to produce the aircraft. In 2015 they launched the newest version: the Let L-410NG. Over 1200 have been produced till this day, with more than 350 still in service.

I think this aircraft would be great in terms of variety. It’s a quirky looking beast and relatively unknown but I think it has the potential to be one of the most fun aircraft in the sim.

Would love to hear your opinion and get your vote!

Credit: Aviation Nepal

And no, not only the outside looks quirky ;)

Credit: Aero Expo
(Let L-410NG)

Didn’t I just put this aircraft on Guess the Aircraft?

It’s nice to have another aircraft that operates out of Lukla.

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Haven’t seen that topic but would indeed be great for that purpose!

Coincidence, I think NOT! Anyway, that’s a cool looking plane, would love to have it as a twin-turboprop in IF. But sadly, I’m out of votes.


As said it’s quirky, and would be a fun one to fly!

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I own a copy of the 1970’s L-410 for XP11 and I have to say, it is quite an impressive preforming STOL aircraft and handles like a charm, however it is not worth my vote because I have a way to fly it already but you have my full support.

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