Let' go to discover the beauties of the world

With the release of the global we have the opportunity to know and discover the beauties of our world, my idea is to organize events and / or flights in areas of interesting beauty. I would love to create flights where we can admire the geographic beauties, visit cities, mountains and beautiful places. the duration of flights / events will be an hour, more or less.

  • i give you examples, we can fly to the Everest, the Niagara falls, overlook the islands of Maldives, the magnificent gulf of Naples
  • Of course all events / flights will be well organized, with gates, altitude, speed, spacing.
    those who participate will have to follow IF rules, respect others, be serious, will not tolerate people who will bother
    is also a great opportunity to improve our knowledge of geography

of course to be able to do and organize this project, I need help, anyone interested in helping and contributing to this project, feel free to send me a DM


I want to discover all the 🍺 wonders of the world. @dush19 are you coming with me ?


Niagra Falls

Thrilling, I know



Thats one of my favorite views. I could see it when departing out of AKL heading to Sydney

Yes, Mt Taranaki! It looks very nice


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