Let fighters depart fast please.

I want to put this topic up because I think I need to explain how our LBPTF works, because I think people misuses and misunderstand it. F100 on F16 and F110 on F14 burns fuel insanely fast (3331 pound/hr for F14) when at idle and slow RPM, but once it’s spooled up to it’s most efficient RPM, it becomes really well performing.
Obviously if there is only one taxiway then we have to wait, but usually I taxi at 30 knots GS and avoid busy airports to depart as soon as possible. People may question me that they might have separation issues and start asking us to fly slow, but according to my experience in AT401 working with McConnell tower, usually it’s fine UNLESS you don’t let us climb. We don’t do constant airspeed climb, we do constant VS climb. Usually we climb at least 2.5 times faster than airliners, That’s more than enough to create TRACON’s 1000 ft separation. I would recommend controllers vector us to FL300 or above ASAP and hand us off. On arrivals, usually we are pretty slow to be able intercept ILS, so if you see supersonic arrivals, that means that player is trolling.
Hopefully this explains why I think fighters should stay fast and climb high. If anyone has doubts, I am more than happy to perform a demonstration departure.
By the way, this is same as dealing with propeller driven aircraft. You vector him away and let everyone overtake. First come does not mean first in line, overtake is a piece of art in TRACON to me.


I agree . This should be allowed.


You don’t need vectors to FL300 upon departure (in IF, I know it’s different in RWA). Just go there as long as it’s not through another aircraft.

The only time I hold a plane down is when they’ve insisted upon pointing themselves at another aircraft above and in front of them and want to climb through them. But, in IF, if you check in with departure, you can simply fly your FP as you see fit, presuming you’re not supersonic crossing the threshold.


supersonic crossing threshold is just trolling. Those are not professionals.

I know. Wasn’t referencing you, but had to put it in there because those that want to find loopholes will, any way they can.


If you are IFATC, please ghost those people for me. I know you are not referencing me haha.

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