Lessons for junior ATC

The infinite network is now huge, meaning people are becoming ATC’s on playground. For those controllers who don’t understand some messages, use some messages incorrectly or need a message to fit what you need to “say” read below!

Most common only:

I get controlled by a lot of ATC juniors and there biggest problem is patience. Let the aircraft contact you, don’t baby sit them even if they are waiting at the gate. When you do need to contact them, is if there not on your frequency, doing stupid things, not following instructions & traffic.

Don’t flood your aircraft with messages unless its necessary.
Example: Flight040 ready for pushback
Flight040 Pushback approved
Flight040 Taxi to runway … contact tower when ready

Stand up for yourself and be tough, don’t be scared to use certain messages because its harsh and pushy. The aircraft should listen to you, tell him off if he’s doing something wrong! Thats why they put “Please follow instructions” deny entry & ghosting into the game.

Learn your messages
If you have to go to a region which is unused and just scroll through and use the messages thats fine, a awesome way to learn. If you find one confusing ask someone here! Its a dang community. Practise on a friend!

This one is more for junior approach. Learn your headings and N.E.S.W. This includes not bunching up aircraft make sure you guide them in a proper safe way! Get to know your region before anything.

Pattern work
Last but not least its pattern work. So many people get confused on this one even aircraft pilots that you control. If a pilot says “…Tower, flight040 ready for takeoff at runway … remaining in the pattern
It means that they are planning to go around and land or touch and go. You don’t need to change there frequency. But be careful, pilots do get confused as said so they might be going to another airport but are to lazy to request, departing … or don’t no!

Hope this is a help to some junior ATC. Do correct me on some of this, don’t be harsh about it though.


Great post We have here!

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thx mate, just thought some people need a bit of guidelines when it comes to ATC