Lesser Known & Rare Airliners Discussion Thread.

The Dassault Mercure:

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It was only ever purchased by Air Inter, why?


Who knows. That is odd. Maybe the 737 fam was too much competition for it.

Ya, it did have 2 things going for it that the B731/732 missed out on,

  1. it was larger
  2. it was faster

Though it did need a Flight engineer.

Well also people probobly felt better about the classic name Boeing.

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Why Dassault Mercure failed?

Poor performance. It had larger capacity than the 732 but the same engines thus it was underpowered and had limited range. It worked for Air Inter, but not for anyone else.

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Its like Apple and HTC. Though at times HTC outdo Apple, people still go with Apple. Im pretty much the die-hard Apple customer.

Ya, it could’ve worked for KDCA>KLGA>KBOS service.

Find any unusual aircraft, post them here

Even people who have the Russian Aircraft bug overlook the Tu-114

It’s also Huge & fast & VERY tall.


What a ridiculous nose gear.


yup! that’s because the wings & engines are identical to the Tu-95 bomber
My god those propellers are big!


Literally a B-52 with props lol

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