Less XP if you use Auto Land?

So I was doing my daily flight and then when I used auto land to land at KNUC (extreme winds) then I realised if you earned less XP if you used auto-land. If you don’t get it I made a poll :D

  • Earn LESS XP
  • XP is the same
  • Other (Tell me)

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Thanks for reading!
Happy Landings!

Please add another option, I don’t know

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XP is less because autoland doesn’t count as a landing.

I know with every autoland in 5kt or less winds, I earn 150 landing points.
For manual landings, I earn about 100 to 150xp, depending on the quality of landing.
My highest landing points I have ever earned was 277XP for a 28kt crosswind landing.

It is the same XP unless matt recently changed it.

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Yup, I agree.

I had conducted trials between using all manual and all auto settings in the same conditions, and I always got relatively the same landing points whether full auto or full manual.

The reason I am on average getting fewer points than the autoland is because my approaches and landings are not always perfect. I am not always on the glideslope, not always aligned correctly, my G-Force is sometimes to high, landing too early or too late, etc. That is what is nice about Live, every landing situation is different :)

Yes it does?

Yeah it was fixed. Gave wrong info.

You can check your own landing points. Every minute of flight time earns you 10xp.

For example, if you had a 15 minute flight with 1 landing and earned 250xp, you would have got 100xp for the landing.

I don’t know how many XP you earn for an Autoland because I haven’t tried it on Live yet, but to be honest it should be 0. Or why should someone earn XP (which still stands for experience) for doing absolutely nothing?

A rough landing D: