Less Violations when Overspeeding in Low Power Mode

I was just flying a Dash 8 Q400 from London to Berlin, and I had walked away from my device after setting it to cruise. I had thought that the speed limit for the Dash 8 was 300kts, so I set it there, but what happened when I came back was extremely surprising to me. I had gotten 4 violations for overspeeding, and my grade dropped to level 2. I was (and am) very frustrated, because I was supposed to host an event tomorrow in the Expert set, but had to change it to the Training Server. My suggestion for IF would be to lower the amount of violations you get when overspeeding- currently, you get tons of violations for overspeeding once. I think that when the app switches to low power mode, the amount of violations per time overspeeding should be lowered in case of unexpected tailwinds and such. Once the game is in low power mode, most people will walk away to do something else until it is time to land, so they would not be able to stop the overspeeding from happening. If the device is not in low power mode when the overspeeding happens, most people would still be on their device, as low power mode hadn’t turned on yet, and they would be able to adjust their speed to avoid violation.
Thanks for hearing me out.
And I know what many of you will say: “oh, but you must pay attention and it’s all your fault because you shouldn’t have left it unattended”, but I’m not suggesting a complete rid of violations, I’m simply suggesting that they are lowered from like 6 to maybe 1 or 2 when in low power mode.

Whilst this is annoying,
Don’t leave your device during critical moments of flying until everything is stable, takeoff, climb, descent and landing.

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I know its furstatraing to get violations when you leave your phone trust me I threw my phone I got down to grade 2. But we are here to simulate realism and pilots can’t just say they broke an aircraft engine for overspending because they got up for the bathroom.If I were you I would double check next time before leaving the phone and know your equipments max speed.
Trevor PM with questions

In a mobile flight sim where a majority of people don’t have time to be constantly monitoring their device, there’s only a certain way that statement can go. Do you monitor your device for 12 hour flights?

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No but if I am going to leave my iPad for multiple hours to run I make sure to look up the maximum cruise speed and what I have the speed at currently and this is what I suggest you do.

I do know that it used to be 300kts for the Dash 8 in IF, but it must’ve changed

And the point is not about my lack of monitoring or lack of double checking the max speed- the point is to reduce the amount of violations that occur when overspeeding. I accept that I made the mistake that time, but all I wish was that I would’ve gotten less violations

Also the cruise speed for a dash 8 may be 300knots. But the speed changes with altitude.

Nope. It’s actually posted in the cockpit. Nothing changed:


No I don’t think so, what altitude were you at?

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I believe its 280 knots for the dash 8 dont dont quote me on that and you should have no violations if you are going the correct speed.

NO ONE IS GETTING THE POINT seriously, I accept my mistake, and now I know the max speed of a Dash all I’m asking is that we get less violations for making one mistake


Haha, I get what you’re saying. I don’t think it’s going to get one of my votes, and know this literally happened to me yesterday, so I get it.

But best of luck! :)

So you’re asking that anyone who wishes to overspeed without being negatively affected with regard to the Expert Server simply be able to turn on low power?

Surely the swiftness with which this would be abused is readily apparent.


Yes, however, there are many easily abused features in IF, but I think that the vast majority of us would rather a few more trolls than be downgraded to level 2 for one mistake

To add onto this, my biggest concern is that people would intentionally overspeed if they knew the punishment wasn’t as severe. That would only have a negative effect. Violations are always the sole responsibility of the pilot. That part shouldn’t be sugar coded at all.

But it’s just 1 week that they immediately effect you. A few landings to make up and you’re all set. It’s not that huge.

The goal is to not get violations. This feature request is asking to lower the rate of violations that one gets when in a lower power mode. There are a few ways to prevent “overspending”

  • Quit flying 2 kts under the redline. SLOW DOWN! If you’re in a rush, go to solo mode or on casual. You won’t get a single violation in either of those two areas.

  • Pay attention to critical phases (takeoff, climb, descent, landing) of flight like others have pointed out. Its crucial that you’re at your device during any parts listed.

  • Like Tim pointed out, its probably best to look at the placards located inside the aircraft.

By abiding by some of these simple tips, you should be rather violation free and well clear of your overspending worries. 😃