Less Than One Week Away..! Atlanta International Fly-out, @KATL - 141800ZMAR20

Hi welcome to my Third fly out I’ve decided to go big this time.
KATL is our first stop onto many fly outs this year. KATL is an exceptional airport but it’s shown to be busy and huge to navigate. Maybe it’s not the best airport but it’s one of the largest.

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Here’s more information at ATL

Let’s go to the gates but first off let’s talk about ATL and it’s significance. KATL is a huge airport and has 5 runways and multiple concourses. It’s huge almost 2200 planes will land and take off here each day. The airport serves numerous airlines and numerous cargo airlines that fly many international destinations. Most Delta flights in the air connect through ATL at least once a day and definitely once in their lifetime.


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Enough said on to the concourses!

Concourse T the first concourse at ATL depending on how you look at the airport of which way you enter it from. It has 17 gates and serves American, Delta, and United airlines.

Concourse T
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
T01 Delta A321 KAUS
T02 Delta 737-900 KPBI@Alex_Kyte
T03 Delta A319 KDAL
T04 Delta 757 KSFO
T05 Delta A321 KLAX
T06 Delta 737-900 KIND
T07 Delta A321 KTPA
T08 American 737-800 KLAX
T09 American 737-800 KCLT @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
T10 American A321 KPHX
T11 American Eagle CRJ700 KCLT
T12 American 737-800 KDFW
T13 United express CRJ700 KHOUS
T14 United A320 KSFO
T15 United 737-800 KORD
T16 United A320 KDEN
T17 United express KEWR E170

With Concourse T finally over onto Concourse A. Concourse A has 34 Gates and serves the airline Delta and Delta only.

Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
A01 Delta A321 KBOS
A02 Delta 752 KSNA
A03 Delta 737-800 MMMX
A04 Delta A321 KSAN @Sam_Ortiz
A05 Delta 737-900 KMCI
A06 Delta 737-900 KJFK @Lil_Seedy_Boi
A07 Delta 737-900 KPBI
A08 Delta A321 KAUS
A09 Delta 737-900 KTPA
A010 Delta A321 KFLL
A011 Delta A321 KLGA
A012 Delta 737-900 KMSY
A013 Delta 737-800 KPHL
A014 Delta A319 KORD
A015 Delta 752 KSJC @GlobalFlyer1
A016 Delta A321 KLAX
A017 Delta A321 KMIA
A018 Delta A321 KLAS
A019 Delta 737-800 KRIC
A020 Delta 737-900 KFLL
A021 Delta A321 KDTW
A022 Delta 737-800 KONT
A023 Delta A321 KDFW
A024 Delta A319 KSLC
A025 Delta A319 KRDU
A026 Delta 737-900 KTUS
A027 Delta 737-800 KRIC
A028 Delta 737-900 MYNN
A029 Delta A321 KPHX
A032 Delta 737-800 MMMX
A031 Delta 737-900 KCHS
A032 Delta 737-900 KSEA
A033 Delta 752 KMCO
A034 Delta A319 KDFW

Here I present Concourse B it has 32 gates, and serves Delta connection only… Stupid Regionals.

Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
B01 Delta Connection CRJ-700 KGUS
B02 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KPHL
B03 Delta Connection B717 KLIT
B04 Delta Connection CRJ-200 KBQK
B05 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KHPN
B06 Delta Connection l CRJ-200 KGNV
B07 Delta Connection B717 KLIT
B09 Delta Connection CRJ-200 KCRW
B10 Delta Connection B717 KORF
B12 Delta Connection CRJ-200 KGTR
B13 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KHPN
B14 Delta Connection CRJ-200 KMLU
B16 Delta Connection CRJ-200 KDHN
B17 Delta Connection B717 KVPS
B18 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KMLI
B19 Delta Connection CRJ-700 KBMI
B20 Delta Connection B717 KPNS
B21 Delta Connection B717 KJAN
B22 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KAGS
B23 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KXNA
B24 Delta Connection B717 KGSP
B25 Delta Connection CRJ-200 KMGM
B26 Delta Connection CRJ-700 KLGA
B27 Delta Connection CRJ-200 KAVL
B28 Delta Connection CRJ-900 CYUL
B29 Delta Connection CRJ-200 KCHA
B30 Delta Connection CRJ-200 KFAY
B31 Delta Connection CRJ-700 KASE
B32 Delta Connection B717 KHSV
B33 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KRST
B34 Delta Connection CRJ-200 KLFT
B35 Delta Connection B717 KBHM
B36 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KTYS

PHEW… those are done only 3 more left bare with me.
Concourse C, concourse C has 34 gates and serves the airlines Southwest and well what do you know Delta…

Notam for Concourse C
I put way to many southwest gates, Therefore if you want to change a southwest gate to a delta gate go ahead and ask. Cheers

Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
C01 Southwest 737 KPHL
C02 Southwest 738 KLGA
C03 Southwest 737 KMCO
C04 Southwest 737 KSAN
C05 Southwest 737 KHOUS
C06 Southwest 737 KRIC @Niccckk
C07 Southwest 737 KBWI
C09 Southwest 737 KDEN
C10 Southwest 737 KLAS
C12 Southwest 737 KGSP
C13 Southwest 738 KDCA
C14 Southwest 737 KTPA
C15 Southwest 737 KRSW
C16 Southwest 737 KFLL @JacksonAviation
C17 Southwest 737 KMSY
C20 Southwest 737 KJAX @Tsumia
C21 Southwest 737 KBNA
C22 Southwest 737 KSTL
C30 Southwest 738 KDAL
C33 Southwest 737 KCMH@cptlogue
C34 Southwest 738 KPHL
C35 Southwest 738 KIND
C36 Delta 717 KROC
C37 Delta 717 KTRI
C40 Delta 717 KVPS
C41 Delta 717 KTUL
C42 Delta 717 KLIT
C43 Delta CRJ-900 KABE
C46 Delta 737-800 KTRI
C47 Delta CRJ-200 KMOB
C49 Delta CRJ-900 KGNV
C50 Delta 717 KHSV
C52 Delta 717 KORD
C55 Delta 717 KSDF

Concourse D has 36 gates and serves the airlines Delta, Alaskan, Westjet, Spirit, Frontier, JetBlue, American, and American Eagle.

Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
D01 Frontier A321 KDEN
D02 Frontier A320 KTPA
D03 Alaska 737-900 KSEA
D04 Alaska 737-900 KSEA
D05 Spirit A321 KDTW
D06 JetBlue E190 KBOS
D07 Frontier A320 KDEN @NathanD
D08 American A321 KDFW
D09 American A319 KCLT
D10 Spirit A321 KIAH
D11 Sprit A320 KAUS
D12 Spirit A320 KPHL
D13 American Eagle CRJ-900 KCLT
D15 American Eagle E175 KMIA
D16 American A320 KCLT
D21 American Eagle E190 KDCA
D23 JetBlue A320 KMCO
D24 American 738 KDFW
D25 Westjet 738 CYYC
D26 Westjet 737 CYYC
D27 Delta 717 KMSN
D28 Delta CRJ-200 KMLU
D29 Delta CRJ-900 KCID
D30 Delta 717 KORD
D31 Delta CRJ-900
D32 Delta 717 KBHM
D33 Delta CRJ-200 KTRI
D34 Delta CRJ-900 KGRB
D35 Delta CRJ-900 KCAK
D38 Delta 717 KDAB
D39 Delta CRJ-900 CYUL
D40 Delta CRJ-200 KPIA
D41 Delta CRJ-900 KBMI
D42 Delta CRJ-900 KMLI
D44 Delta 717 KGRR
D46 Delta CRJ-200 KTRI

With that concourse over we get one step closer to the finish line here Concourse E, it serves Deltas narrow bodies and wide bodies.

Concourse E
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
E01 Delta A321 KLAX
E02 Delta A319 KJFK
E03 Delta 738 MPTO
E04 Delta A321 KSLC
E05 Delta 739 KDTW
E06 Delta A321 KAUS
E07 Delta 738 KFAY
E08 Delta 757 KSEA
E09 Air canada E175 CYYZ @Culifornio
E10 Delta 767 LEMD
E11 Delta A333 PHNL
E12 Delta 738 MMMX
E14 Delta 777-200LR FAOR @KennedyTurner
E15 Delta A321 KORD
E16 Delta 739 KMSP
E17 Delta A321 KDCA @Pilotcamcam
E18 Delta A321 KMSP
E26 Delta 738 KCVG
E27 Delta 717 KORF
E28 Delta A333 EGLL
E29 Delta 739 TLPL
E30 Delta 757 MKJS
E31 Delta 767 KSLC
E32 Delta 767 LSZH
E33 Delta A319 KJFK
E34 Delta 717 KIND
E35 Delta 739 KPBI
E36 Delta 757 KJAX

They’re 14 gates in this concourse. This Concourse is used for Foreign International al flight and Delta international Flights. Airlines that serve concourse F include, British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, Qatar Airways, Turkish airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air, and KLM royal dutch airlines. Here are the gates.

Concourse F
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
F01 British Airways 777-200ER EGLL @LongHaulGuy
F02 Delta A359 RJAA @anon41771314
F03 KLM 78X EHAM @Manav_Suri
F04 Qatar Airways 777-200LR OTHH
F05 Lufthansa A333 EDDM @KC3DLL
F06 Delta A359 RKSI
F07 Virgin Atlantic A346 EGLL @Key
F08 Delta 777-200LR FAOR @Udeme_Ekpo
F09 Air Canada E175 CYYZ @Rikipole
F10 Korean Air 747-8
F11 Delta A333 EHAM
F12 Air France 777-300ER LFPG @The_Real_Plane_Spott

Cargo Gates will be added upon request as well as Flight stands

FBO flight-stands
Signature flight stand 10. @BadPlane

Cargo Stands

Please do not ask for a gate change more than 5 times and please don’t ask for gates to be added or taken away. **I may sounds picky but this is specifically for A359 gates there are currently 2 first come first serve no more will be added sorry. Thank you for looking through this event and taking time to read it hope you chose your gate…

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I’ll take gate C33 please

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I’ll take a Delta 752 gate to San Jose! Thanks!


I will take this gate, please!

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If you have any flights to KBZN I would love to take it:)

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I’ll take C06 in the 737 to Richmond.

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@NathanD I’m afraid there are no airlines that fly direct from ATL


Ok I’ll take D07

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Can I get this gate please?

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Any chance of getting a private gate to KMIA, I’ll scope out a gate for you if you want

Yeah, can I park my 772 here for the event?

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@Zach007 Delta flies a 757 direct to BZN in the winter once a week.

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I’ll have this please, thanks!

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On flightaware the only flights being up to BZN are not direct and shave a stopover in KORD or KSLC.

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I’ll take the 777 to Johannesburg (FAOR). It’s funny that this is exactly 10 days before my birthday.

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