(LESS THAN 24 HOURS) [16 Attending] {Sponsored by Plane and Pilots Flying Club and Global Virtual} From The Tech Hub To The Whole World @ KSJC - 282000ZDEC19

Let’s do it my bro.

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I’m flying to KIAH, I guess I could stick with you guys for a bit and then head off to Houston.


What’s your aircraft, cause we’re doing FL450 and .86, so yeah

Wait we are, thats pretty high lol

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It’s normal in a CCX

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ok, is that safe in a 737 tho?

737 maximum altitude is FL410

We will take it to a PM

Please invite me too!

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Ok so @Thunderbolt, @snoman, and @BadPlane:

Do you all want standby or do you want a gate
And @Thunderbolt I can turn a United gate to IAH if you want and you can fly it with the B739 (if you want the B737-700 tell me)


I’d like a gate to Austin whether that be standby or normal. Thanks!

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I’ll take a GA gate, as I requested. Sorry for the confusion

Hoho, Me Like Some Time-Traveling XD

Anyhow, seems like the flight to London-Heathrow is open for grabs so, you know well enough Bert, Long Hauls, Thanks & Always Happy to be a part of SJC Events :D

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Can I get GA gate GA 1 in a Cessna 172? I’ll be going to KSFO

nah I’m not actually doing that I just said that to sort of annoy you 🤪

If I can TRY to attend, I might allocate me self to Gate 18 to KSEA cheers mate

@BadPlane @snoman @Captain_JR, and @TransportForLife

You are all signed up! Thanks for coming! :D


Can i have this please?

Thank you for joining! You have been added to Gate 31! :D

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SJC-SEA please
B738 DL

I’ll take gate 7!

I’ll take 16, please.