(LESS THAN 24 HOURS) [16 Attending] {Sponsored by Plane and Pilots Flying Club and Global Virtual} From The Tech Hub To The Whole World @ KSJC - 282000ZDEC19

From The Tech Hub To The Whole World


The Breathe Life Into XXXX Series


Welcome to @BigBert10’s third event in the Breathe Life Into XXXX Series. Last time, we featured @Daniel14’s home airport, ONT/KONT (Ontario International Airport). The event was a blast!

On December 28, 2018, let’s get more than 23 attendees to join our next event featuring SJC/KSJC (Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport). Please fly a real-world route and not a fictional one.

About San Jose International Airport (KSJC)


Event Details

Server: Expert
Airport: KSJC
When? Saturday, December 28, 2019 8:00 PM
NOTAM: Please spawn at latest 15 minutes prior to event start. If ATC is included, follow all instructions. If ATC is not included, please use Unicom wisely. Since the event is happening at my former home airport, I know a lot of the procedures and what to do and what not to do. Please follow my instructions. Let’s make this event realistic. Also, this is a flyout, so please respect others and maintain appropriate separation.

About The Event Creators




I don’t know what route to fly/I don’t want to fly the routes below.

Check FlightAware or FlightRadar24 to verify that a route exists from KSJC if it is not featured below. If we can confirm that it is a real world route from KSJC, we will happily add you to a gate.


Passenger Gates

Terminal A
Gate Destination Airline Type of Aircraft User
Gate 1 CYVR Air Canada (Jazz) CRJ-900 @ouzi
Gate 2 KJFK JetBlue A320
Gate 3 KBOS JetBlue A320 @NoahM
Gate 4 PHNL Hawaiian A321 (generic)
Gate 5 KIAH United B738/B739 @CommonAviator
Gate 6 KORD United A320
Gate 7 KDEN United A320 @Thunderbolt
Gate 8 KDFW American B738
Gate 9 KPHX American B738 @Luke_Sta
Gate 10 KSEA Delta B738 @Alex_Kyte
Gate 11 KATL Delta B739
Gate 12 KDTW Delta B739
Gate 13 KSLC Delta A319
Gate 14 KMSP Delta B738
Terminal B
Gate Destination Airline Type of Aircraft User
Gate 15 EGLL British Airways B789
Gate 16 RJAA ANA B78X
Gate 17 PHKO Alaska B739 @Bryce_D
Gate 18 MMSD Alaska B739
Gate 19 KPDX Alaska B739
Gate 20 KSAN Alaska A320 @Tyler_Cehelsky
Gate 21 KSEA Alaska B739
Gate 22 KEWR Alaska B738 @Vignesh_S
Gate 23 KLAS Southwest B737/B738 @VegasAviation
Gate 24 KBOI Southwest B737/B738
Gate 25 KRNO Southwest B737/B738 @GlobalFlyer1
Gate 26 KMDW Southwest B737/B738
Gate 27 KHOU Southwest B737/B738
Gate 28 KSNA Southwest B737/B738
Gate 29 KBUR Southwest B737/B738
Gate 30 KBNA Southwest B737/B738 @N2628P
Gate 31 KDAL Southwest B737/B738 @Speedyyy
Gate 32 PHOG Southwest B738 @Kacey

Cargo Gates

Fedex (FULL)
Gate Destination Airline Type of Aircraft User
West Cargo Apron 1 KMEM Fedex MD-11 @PlaneCrazy
West Cargo Apron 2 KIND Fedex MD-11 @Captain_Awerty
Gate Destination Airline Type of Aircraft User
East Cargo Apron 1 KSDF UPS MD-11
East Cargo Apron 2 KDFW UPS MD-11

GA Gates

Gate Type of Aircraft User Destination (if applicable)
FBO San Jose Jet Center 1 CCX
FBO San Jose Jet Center 2 CCX


The event is full or gates in your desired terminal are not available?

Not to worry, because your standby list will give you a chance to be able to participate in this event.

Just give us your intended flight info (destination, airline, etc) with your desired gate and you will be put on the standby list.

Desired Gate Destination Airline Type of Aircraft User
West Cargo Apron 2 KIND Fedex MD-11 @InfiniteNick



Hope you all can come and make San Jose International Airport as full as it can get! :D


20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20191026_145327 | 20190509_204510

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I’ll take West Cargo Apron 2 to Indianapolis, please. :)

This event is one day before my birthday, so may I be put on the standby list for now? Thanks.

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Alright, I’ll add you on standby :D

I’ll take gate 20, thank you and great event!

Thank you! You are now signed up! :D

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Can you put this for me but on stand-by, any chance?

I’ll take east cargo 1 please.

Why am I not surprised it was In SJC if it’s made by @BigBert10 lol

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I’ll take gate 19 to KPDX please

There should be automatic ghosting for not dong the right loop.

By the way, I wanted to let you know, that there is a ANA flight to Tokyo-Narita, Volaris flights to Guadalajara, Del Baijo, Morelia, and Zacetecas. There is also a Hainan Airlines flight to Beijing-Capital. These are all from KSJC.

I might join, let’s see.

I’ll take gate 9 to PHX please!

@anon41771314 and @NathanD, both of you have been added. Thanks for joining! 😃

For the rest of you, I am heading to a class right now so I will add you later!


@BigBert10 and I are well aware of all of these routes, however, we only have the British Airways livery in Infinite Flight, and Volaris flies the A320(neo) here, which is why he chose only to add the British Airways flight.

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Thank you! You have been added! 😃

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Could I take a standby Southwest gate to KAUS with the 737-700 plz? Thanks and this looks like good fun!

I knew @BigBert10 would do this…Can I get a standby 737 of United to KIAH?

Oh, alright!

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Can I have a GA gate in a CCX. Gotta get some boys to KAUS, tech hub to tech hub.

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We could do the same FPL!

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