[Less Than 12 Hours] The Cosmopolitan Flyout - @VOBL 110330ZAPR20

The Cosmopolitan Flyout - @VOBL!


Image Credits: BIAL

Let’s Fly To The Cosmopolitan City Of Bengaluru!

Well, well, well. Bengaluru is a city that has a special place in my heart! My hometown, I fly from U.S. to India every few years in the summer. However, with the lockdown going on, let’s have some fun and explore the city of Bengaluru!

Logistics and NOTAMs:

  • Server: Expert

  • Airport: VOBL

  • Date: 2020-04-11T03:30:00Z

  • Please use Unicom sparingly. If IFATC is present, please make sure to listen to their commands.
  • Spawn at least 10 minutes before event starts.
  • Act professionally and have fun!


Terminal Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Terminal Gate 01 Gulf Air A321-200 Bahrain (OBBI) @Indraniel
Terminal Gate 02 Air France B777-300ER Paris (LFPG)
Terminal Gate 03 AirAsia A320-200 Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)
Terminal Gate 04 Malaysia Airlines B737-800 Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)
Terminal Gate 05 British Airways B777-200ER London-Heathrow (EGLL)
Terminal Gate 06 Malindo Air B737-900 Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)
Terminal Gate 07 Thai AirAsia A320-200 Bangkok-Don Meaung (VTBD)
Terminal Gate 08 American B787-9 Seattle (KSEA) @Gtmkm98
Terminal Gate 09 IndiGo A320-200 Delhi (VIDP) @Captain_Sid Callsign: 6EVA14
Terminal Gate 10 IndiGo A320-200 Mumbai (VABB) @MJMN
Terminal Gate 11 Emirates B777-300ER Dubai (OMDB)
Terminal Gate 12 IndiGo A320-200 Dubai (OMDB)
Terminal Gate 13 IndiGo A320-200 Chennai (VOMM)
Terminal Gate 14 Etihad B787-10 Abu Dhabi (OMAA)
Terminal Gate 15 IndiGo A320-200 Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)
Terminal Gate 16 JAL B787-9 Tokyo-Narita (RJAA)
Terminal Gate 17 IndiGo A320-200 Singapore (WSSS)
Terminal Gate 18 KLM B787-9 Amsterdam (EHAM)
Terminal Gate 19 IndiGo A320-200 Delhi (VIDP) @IFC-CAPT-KISHOR
Terminal Gate 20 IndiGo A320-200 Pune (VAPO)
Terminal Gate 21 Lufthansa B747-8 Frankfurt (EDDF) @Siddhansh
Terminal Gate 22 IndiGo A320-200 Hyderabad (VOHS) @Populeux_Music
Terminal Gate 23 Air India A321-200 Delhi (VIDP) @VarunSehdev
Terminal Gate 24 Lufthansa A350-900 Munich (EDDM) @CPT_Colorado
Terminal Gate 25 Air India A321-200 Dubai (OMDB)
Terminal Gate 26 Air India A321-200 Goa (VOGO)
Terminal Gate 27 Qatar Airways B777-300ER Doha (OTHH)
Terminal Gate 28 Air India A321-200 Kozhikode (VOCL)
Terminal Gate 29 Air India A321-200 Malé (VRMM)
Terminal Gate 30 Saudia B787-9 Jeddah (OEJN)
Terminal Gate 31 Air India A321-200 Hubli (VOHB)
Terminal Gate 32 Saudia B787-9 Riyadh (OERK)
Gate 33 IndiGo A320-200 Doha (OTHH)
Gate 34 Singapore Airlines A350-900 Singapore (WSSS) @Raoul_Butler Callsign: SQ505
Gate 35 IndiGo A320-200 Port Blair (VOPB)
Gate 36 IndiGo A320-200 Phuket (VTSP)
Gate 37 Cathay Pacific B747-400 Hong Kong (VHHH)
Gate 38 SpiceJet B737-900 Puducherry (VOPC)
Gate 39 SpiceJet B737-900 Ahmedabad (VAAH)
Gate 40 SriLankan Airlines A330-300 Colombo (VCBI)
Gate 41 SpiceJet B737-900 Thiruvananthapuram (VOTV)
Gate 42 Thai Airways B777-200ER Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi (VTBS)
Gate 43 SpiceJet B737-900 Vijayawada (VOBZ) @Gopisreekanth_Chukka
Gate 44 Ethiopian Airlines B777-200LR Addis Ababa (HAAB)
Parked Gates (Gates not connected to Terminal)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Gate 66 SpiceJet B737-900 Belgaum (VOBM)
Gate 67 Oman Air B787-9 Muscat (OOMS) @Aryan_Sharma Note: IndiGo Events Manager
Gate 68 SpiceJet B737-900 Gwalior (VIGR)
Gate 69 SpiceJet B737-900 Patna (VEPT)
Gate 70 Air Mauritius A350-900 Mauritius (FIMP)
Gate 71 IndiGo A320-200 Coimbatore (VOCB) @hari.shreyas Callsign: 6EVA01
Gate 72 IndiGo A320-200 Lucknow (VILK) @Divyajyot1o1 Callsign: 6EVA23
Gate 73 Air India B787-8 London-Heathrow (EGLL) @BlueKingGaming
Gate 74 IndiGo A320-200 Agra (VIAG)
Gate 75 IndiGo A320-200 Hong Kong (VHHH)
Gate 76 Turkish Airlines A330-300F Istanbul (LTFM)
Gate 77 Air India A321-200 Singapore (WSSS)
Gate 78 Air India A321-200 Kochi (VOCI)
Gate 79 Air India A321-200 Bhubaneshwar (VEBS)
Gate 80 Air India A321-200 Muscat (OOMS)
Gate 81 IndiGo A320-200 Chandigarh (VICG)
Gate 82 IndiGo A320-200 Amritsar (VIAR)
Gate 83 IndiGo A320-200 Lucknow (VILK)
Gate 84 IndiGo A320-200 Nagpur (VANP)
Gate 85 IndiGo A320-200 Raipur (VERP)
Gate 86 IndiGo A320-200 Varanasi (VEBN)
Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Cargo 51 Etihad B777-200F Abu Dhabi (OMDB)
Cargo 52 Qatar B777-200F Doha (OTHH)
Cargo 53 AeroLogic B777-200F Leipzig (EDDP)
Ramp 55 FedEx Express B777-200F Paris (LFPG)
Ramp 57 Lufthansa Cargo B777-200F Frankfurt (EDDF)


  • IndiGo Virtual (1.5x multiplier)

If your VA would like to partner with us for this event, please contact me.


Just Some Of The Airlines That You Can Fly From @VOBL:

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Which routes are 2 hours long?

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I’ll take this one please

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VOBL-VIDP is about 2 hours 20 minutes long. I think there’s also VOBL-VECC.

@Populeux_Music, you’ve been signed up for:

Then I’ll take this instead cause it’s shorter

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Alright @Populeux_Music, I’ll switch you to:


can i please take the luftansa gate 24 to munich???

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I’ll take this route, please!

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@CPT_Colorado and @Gtmkm98,

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By the way, that route is about 1 hour. Just a heads-up.

I know, I wanted a short one

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terminal gate 10 please.

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Hey I think @StarAllianceVirtual want to sponsor this event 😂


Lmao they would


Lol, @GPilot118

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vobl-egll air india 788 pls gate 73…

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Another 10 days! Sign up!