Less successful second ever long haul

After my first ever long haul over the course of last night, I set up another one! This one was YSSY-ZBAA and left around 11AM PDT, and was going to arrive at around midnight. I set that device down and went and enjoyed my day. Me and my girlfriend went and saw Toy Story 4 great movie BTW, very wholesome and got out of the movie around 10PM.

Now you’re probably wondering where in the world am I going with this, and right after the movie is where things actually became serious. My girlfriend had a medical issue that required me to take her to the hospital. A few hours in at the hospital, my roommate at home called me and told me that I had 30 minutes left in my flight and that he was taking over and gonna land it (he flies computer sims, and has never actually flown in infinite flight) I did actually ask him to just end the flight, but I don’t believe he really knows the stakes on expert server.

After 4 long hours in hospital, we got my girlfriends condition under control, and were discharged. I returned home at around 4AM to see my flight report had left me with 4 violations and a large penalty to me. OOF! I watched the replay and it was 4 overspeed violations… This was a bad night overall, and the moral of the story is to never let someone else take control of your flights for you.

This situation ended well for me and my girlfriend, as she is back at home, and hopefully will return to work after she checks back in next week, and ended poorly for my virtual sim. I cannot be upset at this because what matters is what happens in the real world.

Just figured I’d share my story and put it out there, considering there was a drastic difference between my first long haul, and my second.


TL;DR: Girlfriend goes to hospital and return to see my long haul flight had crash landed with 4 violations.


Well, sad to hear about both your flight and your girlfriend, I hope she is doing well, my one’s gluten free! Now that’s a another story! We hope you fly more long hauls, since this Saturday a group of us are flying from WSSS - KEWR! I don’t exactly know where the link is because I have a mobile device which is difficult to switch tabs onl

Well sometimes life and IF don’t always cooperate. I always stress about it as the flight gets close to landing.

It was incorrectly flagged and we rejected the flag. All good.

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And I think my long hauls are bad when the game just crashes…

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