Less Oppression, More Easygoing community

IFC (Infinite Flight Community) has to be less oppressive and more easygoing and fun-loving. It really defeats the purpose especially when you compare IFC to the community at X-Plane… If you want to be the best, be the best, don’t be so oppressive and happy happy flag this and that. It’s not like flagging anything will even yield you a reward.


All flags you get are confirmed by moderators. Flags that we don’t confirm you don’t even know about. If you have any problem with a flag, feel free to PM us:)

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Nah I’m sick and tired of all these. I just want an easygoing and fun-loving community.

We are fun-loving, but all communities need guidelines.


Else its gonna be a playground like the PG server in SoCal.


I know but at least be more lenient… No need to make a big deal out of small off topic replies.

We also try to be as productive as possible on threads, random and off-topic posts have tendency to derail he discussion. A little off topic is fine, but there needs to be a line somewhere.

You can flag the zaid but seriously, the flag on my reply at AFR A332 is unacceptable.

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Oppressive? What’s oppressive about the site? If you’re complaining about flagging it’s mostly used to good effect and discourages trolls from persistently posting nonsense on the site. There’s been a few recent examples that have been spotted and dealt with by the mods and this is in part due to flagging.


As I said before, if you have a problem with a flag, please PM one of us.

Not to be off topic here, but why? This is just erupting in chaos. If you get flagged, you get flagged. It’s the moderators decision. It’s not all that big of a deal, but if you keep doing it, the community will think it’s a big deal and have their say.

This is just my two cents here, I 100% didn’t mean to offend/hurt anyone.

Not that I’m aware of. Like Carson says, if you have an issue contact any of the mods about it. If you’re getting a lot of flags then it might help to review your posting history and posting style to see what’s causing you to get flagged. In my experience the community generally doesn’t maliciously flag posts and the mods can cancel these out if they feel they’re unjustified.

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I know what you are talking about (even though I’m not a mod), I can say that your Singapore ‘realism’ stuff already made others feel “enough of WSSS/SIN”. I don’t see any wrong in your topics about your country.

But talking about Singapore airlines on a China region thread makes no sense. You said something similar to “even if there are many Chinese liveries, I would prefer Hong Kong” which makes no sense to the discussion about a Chinese region. We know you love your country and you are proud of being a Singaporean and you want to fly Singapore liveries, but saying something like what I told above was clearly offtopic.

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A lot of your problems were probably addressed here. I recommend you give it a look:)

I would like you to review on what you saw because I believe I did not say such a thing called “even if there are many Chinese liveries, I will only fly with Singapore ones”

Something similar, I don’t remember exactly.

Corrected :)

It is true that I as a Chinese hate the PRC and I did read that thread and I know I needed to post a separate one but with one more purpose other than talking about flagging…

If you have issues with flags, PM us as Carson said. People are free to talk about what they please within the guidelines, however when they breach those guidelines they will be flagged.

Even as you put it with ‘small off topic replies’, you’re still going to be flagged. It is true we sometimes disagree with them if they are truly insignificant, but posts such as requesting a livery on another aircraft go past that leeway we give.

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