Less drag on the A320 on IF?

I flew both the B737 and A320 family, and I feel the A320 family has less drag than the first one. Its not as easy to slow down the A320 as the 737 when descending at -2000ft/m (tested both) using the spoilers.
What are your thoughts?

Check weight
Check whether

Calm weather, weight default normal.

Well check your sensitivity

Slowing down an aircraft is never easy when having a vertical speed of -2000ft. When having that amount of V/S I would recommend using the flight mode of the spoilers. It slows the aircraft down nicely.


That shouldn´t play part on the drag.


I was using the spoilers, thanks for pointing that out, forgot to write it down.

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Can anyone confirm this?

Drag varies from plane to plane. Drag should be different on a 737 from an A320. Even among the A320 family drag should be different. Is there anything different with drag from before pre-787 update from post-787 update?

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I don´t know, I haven´t made a single flight on the 787.

Sorry should clarify. Is the drag on the A320 more or less what it was before the last update?

I think there were no updates to the A320 family on this update apart from the Northwest livery on the A319.

oooooorrrr the 737 hasn’t been updated.

It also includes the 737BBJ?

Yes. They just added the auto land. (I think)

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Yes, and they added the ground effect, I hate when in flare the plane floats…but I don’t feel any difference in the A320 before or after the update.


I know the real world A320 has substantially more drag than the IF version.


Maybe it was a calculation error. Though its kind of annoying to have to slow down to less than 250kts before the TOD just to avoid the violation.

I agree that the A320 is a bit harder to slow down, but that may just be unique to that series. Do you have any information or reference to support that it should be easier to slow down? We are always open to improving models if there is reference suggesting we could be more realistic. :)


No proof, just comparing both the 737 and A320 on IF. I just think the spoilers could have more drag when in-flight. Otherwise, the A320 flight model is excellent and needs no other improvemenrs.

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