Less atc access

Can anyone please tell me why there is less atc access from last 2 updates ?


There isn’t “less access” per se - it’s just that ATC is now much more spread out in terms of the world map, with the new regions system that replaced the old ATC schedule system. That happened in May, around the time the new updates started to roll out.

Tyler, the ATC manager, and his team of recruiters, are working hard to recruit new controllers so that more airports can be staffed for a longer time.

You can read about the new system here:


I’ll also add on - like I said, the more controllers there are, the more airports stay open for longer.

So if you want more airports of your choice to be open, you might want to consider joining the IFATC team.

I’ve linked the relevant requirements for you below:

IFATC is busy flying the new a330 😂


Like @CaptainSooraj correctly pointed out, since IFATC doesn’t have a stable ATC schedule anymore, controllers can open wherever they want in their assigned region and therefore ATC is more spread out.

We’re as well in a summer period where many controllers are enjoying their holidays.

Another important factor is that there are a lot of applications coming through, and most of the recruits need training. In order to make training sessions possible, many controllers are willing to help trainers and future IFATC members instead of controlling. This is very good, since more controllers we have, more active ATC pilots will find.


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