Less amount of Traffic on the Expert Server

Hey IFC, I’ve noticed that the amount of traffic on the Expert Server and all other servers have been reduced by a load after 20.1.

Well, everything’s back open, people are heading back to their jobs, students are heading back to school. Back to reality, I guess.


Well, It is still really weird that It has decreased because now that Summer is here, People are now getting out of school and most people will be getting out of their jobs real soon. Besides, Most places are still in lockdown.


But it is summer. You don’t spend your time on if r
Especially if everything is open

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There’s currently 581 people on the expert server at the moment. You may be flying somewhere without a lot of people.


Well, they are all trends. Not much we can do to influence that 🤷‍♂️

Well, The amount of landings on the hub airports have clearly decreased from 130+ ish to 50 ish and the load from 60 ish percent to 40 ish percent.

Some people don’t want to fly the region today which is understandable as people like to plan to arrive at an airport with ATC and since it’s ATC choice that can be unpredictable and folks can land without ATC.

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Keep in mind that the adult audience of IF is now returning to work as quarantine lifts. During quarantine we had that extra audience, but as life resumes to normal the decrease is expected.


No but the load was at Shanghai today

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That’s because Shanghai seems to be a hub for people to go to. People tend to crave big international airports. You won’t see too many people at ZUUU for example if it were to be opened.

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That’s not true what about tahiti

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Tahiti was an established airport on the schedule. People planned to fly there. That’s why there was so much traffic. Also to add the hotfix has made some server improvements to accommodate more users. This may be why it is displaying at a lower percentage since it can now accommodate more folks.

Yeah, Tahiti was a Madhouse, I ended up waiting for a hour 😂.

Yeah it was not fun

Also, a few weeks after updates, the amount of traffic starts to fizzle out back to normal. You may also have noticed that a lot more people have started flying aircraft other than the B777 again. This is very typical after a major update. Plus everything mentioned above.


Everyone is returning back to work now as it’s been mentioned above.

I am from the UK, and I return to work next week just like many other people and many other people have already started to go back to work.


It’s summer, and majority of the people on IFC are teens so, no school and college right?


We’re actually a bit higher than we were pre 20.1, and still way higher than we were before all the COVID-19 lockdowns started.


I feel the traffic now is pretty normal. When 20.1 came out there were 1,000 over people on ES, which is normal as it is a new update. Of course it eventually died down, so what we’re having now to me is pretty normal load.