LEPA Open until 1945Z

LEPA will be open (ground and tower) by me on Training Server hopefully until 7:45pm (ZULU) Because ATIS Isnt available on Training, the weather I don’t know, and don’t need to, but:
➡️ Taking off 24L
➡️ Landing 24R
➡️ Approach is currently/was when written active. If not then feel free.
➡️ I am practising for tower, with 600 movements.
➡️ Straight out departures only
➡️ Please taxi slowly!
➡️ File your flight plan before you push back or taxi, since you know what runway to expect.
➡️ I suggest if on the North side, then STUDY THE TAXIWAYS!

Suggested flights:

Easyjet 8636 A320 to Gatwick
Easyjet 5816 A320 to Berlin
Ryanair 523 737-800 to Dusseldorf
British Airways 451 A320 to Heathrow (EGLL)
Air Europa 6102 (do we have that livery!??) 737 to Barcelona…

I forgot the airport names since my phone broke fully, and only have a tablet, unable to check airports without app crashing, sse you there!

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Include Zulu time instead of your local time

Zulu*. I had to do this quick because someone already took ground

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