LEPA: My Observations

None of the above incidents justifies a report, apart from maybe the runway incursion.

None. Nothing called for one, like Toaster said.

Plus, we try to avoid reporting people. We only do it if it’s truly necessary.


I hope more people see this. Issues like these need to be addressed. Thank you for sharing!

Some people just don’t care. It really sucks.

Anytime. Hopefully a resolution is on the way :)

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It’s sad that you have to write this. Everyone should be following air traffic control commands. When they tell you to do something, it’s not to annoy you. They’re trying to make sure that you stay a safe distance from other aircraft, and that you have a good approach angle to land at

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And I know that from my experiences controlling Los Angeles on the training server 😂

I know… people in my other sessions call in way too far… i just tell em’ to continue inbound!

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Eh, I’d argue that you have a split here on ES. Some genuinely prioritize their own plan ahead of ATC, but some just don’t really get how to establish proper two-way communications. You can’t force folks to learn, sadly.


There should be a super basic test in order to get onto expert server, like what base is, what final is etc…

That would be quite controversial, unfortunately. I’d rather just focus on pilot improvement which would be much more beneficial. That is the point of this topic anyway!

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I agree! I think it would bad controversial, but effective

Nice nice!

How is this nice? The post is addressing concerns, not a solution. This is about what was done wrong, not right.

Points have been made.