LEPA: My Observations

A few minutes ago I just finished controlling Ground, Tower, and ATIS at Palma De Mallorca (LEPA).

After controlling for just over 1.5 hours, there are a few things I’d like to point relating to things that are common sense and should be addressed to keep Expert Server a well trained environment.

  • Don’t called inbound when you’re 36nm out, please. Traffic was mild where I was controlling, but at times there was heavy traffic and taking care of people who are over the 25nm range isn’t too fun.

  • If you’re told to “Hold Position”, please hold position. We don’t issue commands like that for no reason.

  • When told to “Hold Short of Runway XX”, please do just that. If your nose cone is over the line by a few inches, so be it. However, if your entire front wheel and another few feet of your aircraft are over the hold short line, you will be told you were not cleared to enter the runway and run the risk of being reported.

  • Unless stated in the ATIS, intersection departures are allowed, and they make our lives easier. If you’re in a small commercial or lightweight aircraft, please utilize these intersections. Not only does it allow us to get you out faster, but it also allows us to line up two aircraft at a time and get them out much faster.

  • Most importantly, use your pilot etiquette. It was really disappointing to watch an A350 taxi at the maximin 35 knots to beat an A320 to the runway. It just shows incompetence and does not represent the qualities that a good pilot, in Expert Server, would have.

All in all, what I saw during my hour and a half at LEPA today wasn’t what I thought it would be like. It wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t what the Expert Server environment should be, nor was it representative of what the Expert Server offers.

I hope this post reaches a majority of the community and together, we will become better pilots. Thank you for reading.


Well said, the inbound at 35mm at FL340 gets me 😂 Do i look like Im controlling center to you?


Welcome to the expert server!


Trust us, the pilots are the best of the best!


They need an Extremely Expert Server for the best pilots 😎, not the ones who come in on final at 255kts


Nah, there’s nothing better than coming in on final at 250kts, cutting off everyone, and then trying to land from the other end


and then making a topic on the community because you got reported for no reason


Well said! At least you didn’t have an aircraft sit on the runway for 5 minutes to wait for the inbound aircraft and cause a GA.


Speaking of that… nothing annoys me more than when a pilot manages to have the space between the inbound and them reduced from 10nm to like 2nm from my takeoff clearance to them getting a move-on. Like, I have other people I need to get out of this airport here.

Well Said!!!

By reading this, we should improve our skills and how were going to come back stronger the next time we fly on Expert Server.

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Great job for speaking about this. Other pilots must be more aware and professional in the expert server.

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First of all thanks for the post! Also a rather specific question regarding Palma: For RWY24L there is an intersection at taxiway LINK, which would enable a very quick departure and can be used IRL. Nonetheless you would block the taxiway North leading to the full length holding points. Would this still be acceptable or even helpful if used or is it just skipping the line (what I personally felt it is the last time I was in Palma with heavy traffic)?

Source: Screenshot from Apple Maps


Great question!

Typically this would be dependent on traffic levels. If it’s quiet and you’re in a TBM, by all means use it, as it will get you out much faster. If it’s busy and there’s a departure queue, the controller could put no intersection departures in the ATIS, meaning that you’re not allowed to use that runway entrance.

Basically, as long as intersection departures are being allowed, you can depart from here and it would not be considered skipping the line!

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Thank you for the in-depth reply @Rob_M!

True, but with the direct entry from the LINK taxiway it’s an especially tempting one. Thank you as well!

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This is not true. ATC will never put “No intersection departures” in ATIS at this airport, no matter the traffic level.

Intersection departures must always be allowed unless it blocks the only taxiway for aircraft to access full length AND will affect the departure/arrival flow rate (see 3.2.4 above)

This airport does not meet either of those criteria.

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Well said !

So an intersection departure as I described above would be fine (see the attached picture), even tomorrow and in an A320, right?

Yes, fine all day every day.

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Thank you for the replies @Trio!

Well needed post! How many people did you report? 😂