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So, would that be used in order to fly on the other downwind leg? Say, you are approaching from the right side of a runway and need to fly a left downwind, that’s what a transition is used for?

A transition is when you fly over an airport and have no intention to land there. Eg. If I takeoff from JFK and need to head north, while maintaining 4000 feet for the first 10 miles, I can request a transition for La Guardia to cross over the airport en route to my final destination. (A tower controller’s airspace is from surface to 5000ft above surface). You should request for a transition only if within the controller’s airspace, so don’t request for one at FL 150 or 330 :P


A transition is always given at 1000 feet higher than the pattern altitude, so that the airplane that passes through an active airport’s airspace has the minimum 1000 feet of vertical separation with any pattern work (pattern work being at 1500 feet for jets and 1000 feet for props) to avoid any conflicts. Hope this clarifies your question

Open now at PANC come stop by
Runway using: 7R, 7L, 33

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Would like to see couple people stop by test my skills.

Open now at TNCM tower come stop by please!

Runway using: 10

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I was Show me 1.

You did very well today!
You corrected all your mistakes, and managed everything fine.

Just one thing: Why did you tell me I’ll call your base? I didn’t see anything that required extra spacing.

It’s a shame you had to deal with a troll like that New Zealand plane.

Good work today!
See you in IFATC soon

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Ok I was the Alpine 707 in the 757. Many issues here

One is that you only open tower when your test will include ground and tower.

Second you cleared someone for takeoff 3 times even tho it was time for me to turn base and once I’m already doing my turn to short final you tell me to extend downwind, you should have either used go around or make a left or right 360.

Third is you take too long to send messages. Or you aren’t on the ball. Such as having the person on 28 at the end over the hold short line while I was cleared for takeoff without telling them to hold position. It should of gone you tell them to exit runway to the right whenable then hold position. Then after my wheels are up say exit runway when able, please expedite. Then frequency change. Back taxi runway 10 is if they are going to takeoff again which in this case they wanted to but still

TNCM don’t have ground so I only be a Tower

You should state that next time.

It’s my mistake I use small device my finger is big lol sometimes I keep doing that I apologize but next time I’ll go back to use my iPad.

They also need to back taxi if they are exiting the runway.
The apron down by 28 is for GA aircraft.
Him telling the aircraft to back taxi and exit was not wrong. However the pilot didn’t follow the instructions, confusing everyone.

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Open today at CYHZ
runway using 23, 32
come stop by see how well i do today!

will be open for 30 minutes

Open at KSTL

Runway use: 12R, 12L, 11, 6

come stop by if you can!

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I’ll closed now no one come

Open now at YPPH

Runway use: 21, 24

@jcast86 if you would like to do some pattern

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Thanks for coming @jcast86

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