LeonardIF18's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Official ATC Tracking Thread of @LeonardIF18

Status: CLOSED
Sever: Training
Runway using:

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I see that you’ve set up a tracking thread to practice your skills, and I’m guessing you’re planning on applying for IFATC in the future? Well if so, you’re on the right track.

My advice for you is to stay away from large and popular airports on the Training Server such as KLAX, KSFO and EGLL as that usually comes with pilots that are still learning, or pilots that don’t follow instructions.

I’ll come by at CYVR and provide you feedback.


Thank you for coming

No worries, would you like me to leave you feedback here or send it to you in PM. What do you prefer?

Send to my PM

No worries, expect a PM from me shortly.

Wanted to join but you left alr

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I’ll be back

give me cuple mins

Now open in CYEG! come stop by

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Any feedback and something need improve?

Good work, just a few critiques.

• No need to clear for immediate takeoff when an aircraft is on downwind, it’s up to the pilots to maintain appropriate spacing. If necessary you can have the pilot extend downwind.

• When there’s a runway change you need to give the pilot a direction in which they do their pattern in even if you told them for example to enter left downwind.

• For future reference, you can still clear an aircraft for pattern work with an immediate takeoff so try to familiarize yourself with controls a little bit more.

Those aside, I’d say you did a pretty good job. Keep working at it!

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OK thanks for stop by.

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Open now at PANC
Runway using 7R, 7L, 15

Oh, man! I’m actually in flight right now. If you open again at PANC later, I’ll be sure to stop by!

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For sure I’ll be open later tonight :)

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Thanks for the ATC work. Good job overall, exit directions timed well <60 kts, patterns are correct, clearances given correctly. Unfortunately no sequencing needed today because of no traffic, but just 2 minor comments.

  1. You gave me a transition at 3K feet. PANC is at 0ft sea level, so 1.5K feet pattern altitude + 1K feet vertical separation, 2.5K feet for transition works.
  2. When I land the first time doing a T/G you should give me a left or right traffic direction, just so I know which way you want me to make traffic. After the first traffic and clearance for the option, it will be expected I keep making that direction of traffic, and you can clearly for the option without a “left or right traffic”.

Overall, great job, keep it up


Could someone please explain what a transition is? Thanks!

Is when flew over the airport

Flew over the airport 1000ft higher than pattern attitude I believe if that correct . Pattern attitude is 1,500 ft

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