Lenovo Tab 4 8

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows the what the graphic settings are like on the lenovo tab 4 8 beacuse I wondering if I should get it
Thankyou for you help

It has a Snapdragon 425 processor and an Adreno 306 graphics processor so it probably won’t run Infinite Flight too smoothly unfortunately. I’d recommend at least a Snapdragon 636/660 processor

It would be a good idea if the developers provided minimum/ideal requirements to run the app since there would be a fair amount of people purchasing the app who would be unsatisfied with their experience.


Well then what cheap afordable tablet do you reccomend to run Infinite flight

You can ask one of our very own @Kirito_77 or @Starley and they will be able to provide more information on your device graphic settings. @anon31652286 is also correct.


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