Lenovo Smart Tab M10 10.1” FHD

Good afternoon folks based on what I read in the minimum system requirements here on the forum it would look like this tablet I’m looking at would run infinite flight. Can anybody tell me if I am correct, also if anyone a little more text savvy than I would notice that I might have any potential issues or anything please let me know any help is greatly appreciated as I don’t exactly know the translation between the requirements and the hardware compatibilities. The Manufacturer did confirm that It’s OpenGL3.0 compatible.
Thanks in advance

Is this an android device?

From what I remember infinite flight is only android and apple and I do not think this is either

And it’s not on the thread @Thunderbolt listed

This thread has a list of compatible devices. I recommend checking it out.

Click here for the thread.


Indeed @Thunderbolt.

@GhostRyder, I do not see any potential reason why it wouldn’t work however, but reference the thread above, just to be sure.


I had a closer look and compared it to a similar device.
The processor is a lower middle class CPU, so don’t expect the tablet to run IF at max settings. However, you shouldn’t have problems running the app on medium settings. :)


Thanks I visited that thread but if I’m not mistaken unless I’ve seen a different list all of those options were provided by members testimony to their performance. I was figuring there has to be plenty more options out there that could be compatible so I thought I would ask.

Thank you for the advice some of you were able to offer, sounds like it’s going to be a mid to low range option at best and possibly obsolete in the next or next series of IF updates.

I believe Andriod Oreo, the operating system it has, is an older one, but as mentioned above, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be able to run Infinite Flight.

Android Oreo is Android 8, which was one update ago. Currently I run Android Pi (a.k a Android 9) and they are working on developing android 10. So basically Android Oreo is still quite new.

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Oh, ok. I thought it was older for some reason.

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Android 1.5 was called Android Cupcake
1.6 was doughnut
2.0/2.1 were Eclair
2.2 was Froyo
2.3/2.4 was Gingerbread
3.0/.1/.2 was Honeycomb
4.0 was Ice Cream Sandwich
4.1 was Jellybean
4.4 was KitKat
5 was Lollipop
6 was Marshmallow (this is the most common among lower end android devices)
7 was Nougat
8 was Oreo
9 was Pi or Pie (most current version)

In essence…
Will the device run infinite flight?
Will it run it without lag and give a fun experience?

You said so yourself, it becomes obsolete. Unfortunately tablets like these aren’t designed for gaming or high productivity, they’re typically good tablets for children and media consumption. And whilst it does meet the minimum requirements… It’s barely there

I would have a look at a second hand tablet instead, something with a newer and more powerful CPU. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3/ S4, Google Pixel C.
Or if the screen size is less of an issue, you can pick up some decent 2018/19 high end phones for a lower price (Galaxy S8, Pixel 2, Xperia XZ2 and the list goes on)

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Its says 8 Oreo

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I would like to add that Android 8 (Oreo) was two updates ago. The device may ship with Oreo, but may run Android 9, or even 10. The latest android version is Android 10. The Smart Tab would run Infinite Flight, but may have some issues (such as lag) on max settings.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks, I run it on an IPhone 8+ currently I found a good deal on an IPad Air 2 I think I might check it out after work and get that


OK actually I have found a seventh generation iPad for $200 so I think I’m going to go that way since the feedback on its performance seems better than an air 2.

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