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So I’m fairly new to this. However o worked myself up to grade 2. Having trouble with maintaining speed while descending so I received several overspending violations. Some feedback on how to control that and what does it take to earn grade 2 back.


Hello Kaylon and welcome to our community. Have you had a chance to peruse our community’s #tutorials section.

Some of our larger aircraft can be a bit difficult to slow down but with some help from us the community we could gladly get you in the right direction. Which particular aircraft are you having the most trouble with?


This was the A321… 10 violations overall today. I’ll definitely look at the tutorials. How can I earn grade 2 status again.

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You can earn Grade 2 and above by simply conducting what we call Patternwork utilizing the touch and go method to accumulate Landings and XP while getting a better trust with the aircraft you are flying. I would highly recommend aircraft such as the C172, C208 and SR22 for this. Start out with aircraft that fly at relatively slower speeds than an A321 or a B787.

Have a look at this tutorial and many of our other great tutorials for flight.



You get speeding viotions for exceeding 250knots under 10,000ft . Make sure you have your speed under control before you decend below that. If descending steeply put spoilers on and power to 0 or set the speed to your desired speed below 250knots I recommend 240knots which gives you good error margin.


When under 10,000ft make sure you are at around 240 knots as this is a safe speed to avoid the overspeed violations. If it gets higher than utilise flight spoilers. Over that however 310 knots IAS should keep you out of trouble up until it switches to Mach where it will be around Mach.83. It’s basic but hopefully it will help you.

For the jets from Airbus and Boeing only as the others have different overspeed’s


This topic will give you a detailed understanding of violations and what not as well:


I’ll do that… thanks for the help. I’ll check back with you soon to let you know how it went. We’ll see ya :)


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