LEMO taxiways displaced

Today I was flying from LEBB to LEJR, and in the approach I found Moron Airbase (LEMO), with the taxiways across the runway and displaced from the satellite imagine.

If this could be fixed by the airport editing team in the next airport/navigation update would be great!

Thank you :)


Well that is odd 😂


The Airport editing team might fix it but they don’t take requests so you will have to wait and see - Cheers!

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Uh ok…
Now that’s a weird name


Yeah hahahaha, in Spain!

Hey mate!

As others have said, this would be something that the IFAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team) would have to address. Unfortunately, we don’t take requests; therefore, there is no guarantee this airport will be edited. However, the team has been made aware of this (thanks @Tsumia), and one of our editors may choose to take it on.

All the best!


Thank you for the information! ☺️

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Y’welcome 🙂

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Howdy there!

Nice find! While this is certainly a bug from the autogenerated generic airport system; this layout would make for quite an interesting airport! I’ve begun the process of editing this airport for a future Airport and Navigation Update.



As others above me have stated… The Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team doesn’t take requests… But most of us are willing to edit airports that are blatantly messed up from the autogen (like LEMO is).

Join The Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team:

Send a direct message to @airporteditingApply Here ! Please include the following information in your message:
• Your Name
• Your Email Address
• Your GitHub Username (If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here )

Learn More About The Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team:


Wow that I so cool I may want to join the IFAET one day. And you did it so fast aswell

Moron Airbase… interesting.


Well, I am sure that someone will take care of Moron Airbase. There are already some Airbases in Spain edited, it is not unlikely that the same editor will do this one as well. Sure not for next update, maybe not for next, but soon©️®️™️


Use LETO, it is finally edited and has close to same layout…


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