Lemme know what you'll think.

Eh, it’s better than my last post “beautiful” I think I really overdid the contrast 😂 but here. Flight details : EGLL - EGNS IMG_20190302_085302-01


Beautiful photo! Just a suggestion for next time: head into settings and turn on interface timeout, then take the screenshot when the buttons disappear; I think that will make it just the tiny bit better.


Thanks! I will do!

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I don’t like the noise you added. Softened pictures are better in my opinion

Noise are all this dots that may appear on the picture, I prefer mine without it. It’s all about personal choices 👍


Yes, everyone have their own strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes when it comes to photo editing

I actually like that style of editing @JetstarAU, although next time try and wait for the hud to disappear before you take the photo, keep it up 👍

And in the settings you can tick whether you want to see other aircrafts & aircraft dots. For the picture I suggest you switch these off, so we don’t see N925JM 😊

Great shot though!

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