LEMD-KSBO Expert Server

I just got ghosted and I’m not sure why. Like I was heading from LEMD-KSBO on Avianca 787-8 and I was on final and I was in Unicom because I looked and there wasn’t any tower or approach. The only atc there available was ground so I was like I’ll just land using Unicom. So I was maybe 3nm out it someone told me not really sure who was the whole “IFSM You are in an active airspace please contact El Dorado tower on…” that thing so I was like hmm okay I just checked and there wasn’t any available tower so I was like weird and I was about 50 feet from landing when u got ghosted by “Benjamin”. Personally I don’t know what happened and I don’t believe my ghosting was warranted. Maybe I’m ignorant someone please fill me in on what I did wrong.

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Send a message @Tyler_Shelton with your information and gave him look into it.

Hey, D’Jevon! I’ve removed the report for you. Close and relaunch the app to restore your grade.

This can occasionally happen if connection is lost at some point throughout your flight. One thing you can do to help that as well is avoid closing the app or multi tasking mid flight which may interrupt the connection to our servers. Have a good one!


This is an issue that has happened to me as well from time to time. If it happens again, make sure to change your callsign to NORDO (no coms) so ATC knows that you are unable to communicate with them.