LEMD - EGKK Vueling a320 (foggy landing)

Hey guys back with some more pics from a flight i just did! From Madrid i flew up the coast of west France and started my descent over the english channel and then a foggy approach into London Gatwick!
Flight info:
Airline: Vueling
Aircraft: a320
Cruising altitude: fl350
Mach: 0.78
Total flight time 2h00

At gate in Madrid

Departure from Foggy Madrid

Over the West of France before Descent.

Foggy Landing on R26L with lots of traffic on the ground!

Really cool shot with @Murilo_Heindrich taxiing alongside me and @Joaquin_Hernandez departing

At gate in Gatwick with two A380’s in the background!

Enjoy the pics!

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Wonderful Pictures!

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@CaptainNast check this ⚪️🟡⚫️


Beautiful shots

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